When Experience Meets Expertise

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When Experience Meets Expertise

Between the lines of expertise and knowledge comes experience which acts as a balm for smoothing the sharp corners of knowledge.
As people journey through life, they learn that to be experienced is key at all times, to enable them break through the walls of ignorance and prove themselves as most qualified for whatever task lies ahead.

Undoubtedly, no one is as dangerous as the man whose time has come and the one whose experiences are ripe.

Experiences are those lessons gathered from all of one’s positive or negative encounter while expertise are the skills and competencies a person has acquired.

There is no doubt that Sen. Effiong Bob’s time has come and coupled with his experience and expertise, his imminent victory is inevitably sure.

The Nsit Ubim Senator whose only dream is to contribute resourcefully to the betterment of Akwa Ibom is loaded with tons of experience of spanning across various sector of the economy.

He’s a proven man of integrity and values with the milk of human kindness exhibited severally through humanitarian gestures.

Bob’s idea of Akwa Ibom is to make it a people of industry and a place of thriving commerce which are expedient of a progressive economy.

He can and will lead the State to her envisaged height it we give him our support.

Effiong Bob is coming!