We will create 400, 000 direct and indirect jobs on a yearly basis – Nsima Ekere

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The Akwa Ibom State Governorship Candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Obong Nsima Ekere has unveiled his blueprint for his administration, if he eventually sails through in the 2019 election.

Nsima Ekere, while addressing a world press conference Monday, launched his manifesto in a blueprint entitled, “Akwa Ibom: The New Vision for Collective Prosperity”. He addressed the salient issues and challenges that would be tackled in his government.

Ekere’s vision is encapsulated in a five-point agenda of: ‘Economic Prosperity’, Infrastructure and Rural Development’, ‘Education, Health and Social Protection’, ‘Security’, and then ‘Governance and Institutional Reforms’.

He believes, “the new vision is to transform Akwa Ibom State into a leading destination for Foreign Direct Investments, a haven for local and International Investors and a self-sufficient economy, where professionalism, hospitality and the people first slogan will be the hallmark of the State”.

He pointed out that the State has witnessed stunted growth for the past three and a half years, with steady decline in educational and economic development and that he is out to give the state a new vision of prosperity.

He said, “After three and a half years of stunted growth and stranded administration, we are here to heal the joblessness of a state with the second largest rate of unemployment in Nigeria. Our skilled people roam the streets with no hope.

“Education has grossly been underfunded by the current administration, infant mortality on the high side and poor retirement situation for the aged workers of our state.

“We will have zero-tolerant for corruption and we will manage the resources prudently and transparently. We will create 400 thousand direct and indirect jobs on a yearly basis”.

Obong Ekere promised to bring employment-sensitive investments to put money in the pockets of Akwa Ibom applicants and artisans, motivate civil servants, train 6,000 transformative entrepreneurs to create more than 100 thousand jobs on a yearly basis.

He also assured that he would adopt Conditional Cash Transfers to pay 5,000 naira monthly allowance to extremely poor people, the physically challenged people who will also be trained on skills.

Ekere’s dream captures the enormous spectrum of the agricultural potentials of the state, especially in areas of enterprise development funds, commodity corporative and community farming initiative, even as he vowed to launch the Community Food Crop and Cash Crop Production Initiative.

He maintained that his administration will revitalise Akwa Palm Industry within 6months and make more money from it than the monthly federal allocation; establish a working Rice Mill and develop tourism, mostly by launching aggressive programmes to promote assorted types of Akwa Ibom dishes.

Ekere whose dream covers the promise of a review and implementation process of Ibom Science Park, the actualization of Ibom Deep Sea Port Project, upgrade of the Victor Attah International Airport and comprehensive rural electrification programme, also revealed that the culture of bursary payment to students will return.

“We shall secure the lives and property of Akwa Ibom people. We shall implement local government autonomy from day one. We shall review the Akwa Ibom State Master Plan and ensure that the state is carried in that projection. I am stepping into the ring to fight for you. I will be your voice and your eyes. I shall fight for you. Vote for us. Vote the the APC”, he said.