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Vox Pop: Will Buhari’s Gaffes Help His Reelection Bid?

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Since the commencement of his presidential campaign rally, President Buhari has been caught committing notable blunders incessantly. At Kogi state, the President had told supporters that he assumed office on May 19, 2015, instead of May 29. At Delta state when he was to hand over the Party’s flag to the governorship candidate of the state, Great Ogboru; the President called him the APC presidential candidate. When corrected, President Buhari announced Great Ogboru as the senatorial candidate and finally, he settled for “governotorial candidate”.

Just on Tuesday, February 5, the President told his supporters that his government was cautious of the promises they made when they came on board in 2005; forgetting when he was sworn-in as president. Platinum.ng sought the opinions of some Nigerians in Abuja about their perceptions of these gaffes and how it might affect the president’s reelection bid.

Ifeanyi Agwu

I feel as the president of a nation you should have the knowledge of what you are doing but the president doesn’t have such understanding. His mistakes during the campaign has shown poor preparation, poor assessment study and poor delivery which doesn’t just show failure on his part but failure on those that arranges his campaign. He should know the speech that he is delivering, and should also know the different governorship and senatorial candidates. You can’t come to the public to make such expensive mistakes. Someone who cannot handle a little campaign will definitely not be able to handle a country. I think if Nigerians are smart and if they pay attention to these repeated errors, it will definitely affect his reelection.

Tochukwu Nduka

It will affect his reelection bid because somebody of his caliber should know what he is doing and do it rightly. These errors constitute a blow to him and to his party.

Louis Ugugah

A leader should be of sound mind and active. I believe these mistakes will affect his reelection because they are just too numerous. It should be of great concern to Nigerians otherwise such mistakes will be seen in his governance.

Emmanuel Aloysius

President Buhari’s mistakes have campaigned against him. The president of a country shouldn’t be making such costly mistakes. Believe me, Nigerians will not waste their votes.  

Azeem Fadiji

I think it will have little or no effect on his reelection bid because a lot of people who are going to vote may not have watched him to notice the blunders. If it were in other civilized climes where citizens are more educated, perhaps they would have taken cognizance of such blunders and then feel that he is not fit to be reelected, but in a situation where the citizens are not very educated, they won’t take note of such errors. Nigerians are loyal to the personality and charisma of the person involved and I think Buhari has a lot of charisma in leadership especially in the north where most of the people that will vote him reside. So they won’t take his errors into consideration.

Aniekan Ebuk

The mistakes made by President Buhari during his campaign rally can’t hamper his victory in the February 16 election. The reason is that nobody is a monopoly of knowledge or above mistakes. The electorates will show love and solidarity to Mr. President because they know it is a mere mistake.

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