Jungle Justice: Villagers Bury Man Alive for Beheading Brother


Villagers of Liokom, in Wanihem community of Yala Local Government Area, Cross River State have buried a man alive with his elder brother whom he beheaded.

The incident which occurred on Wednesday, May 29, is said to have ‘just happened’ without a duel or disagreement between the biological brothers.

An eyewitness has it that the killer, Ojemba, striked his elder brother, Obok, who returned from a burial wake keep the previous morning and was served food by his wife.

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“His wife gave him some food to eat before going to the farm to stake his yams but while eating Ojemba took the machete which Obok had sharpened to cut yam stakes and from behind, dealt three cuts on his brother and removed his head”.

“The wife of the man killed raised an alarm and the villagers gathered and tried to arrest him but he bolted the door to his room and threatened that anyone who came close would receive the same treatment he meted to his brother, but three young men with ‘odeshi’ went to his room and dragged him out.”

The eyewitness reported that the villagers met after the incident and concluded that the act was an abomination deserving his death also.

They then proceeded to burying him alive with his late brother against his pleas.

“They tied his arms and legs and dumped him inside the grave they dug for his brother and placed his brother’s body on his and covered the grave with earth”.

“He was begging and shouting that they should have mercy on him but nobody listened and behold their mother died some weeks back.”

The Cross-River State Police Command was yet to confirm the incident at the time of this report.

In a related development, two robbery suspects were on Monday, May 27, burnt alive by angry youths at Ikot Ambang, in Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State.

According to sources, the suspects numbering three, were given a hot chase from Ikot Ekpene where they were notorious for pick-pocketing, snatching of handbags and phones from members of the public.

“They were pursued in their ‘keke’ and apprehended at the Ikot Ambang market area but one of them luckily escaped”.

Platinum.ng gathered that they were thoroughly beaten after being stripped naked, and set ablaze in the full glare of the public amidst their cry for mercy.

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