Udom@54: Environment and Tourist’s Attractions

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The unrelenting efforts of Governor Udom Emmanuel  in keeping the environment Safe, Clean and Green for the people, have won Akwa Ibom, the Cleanest State in Nigeria Award by the “Clean Up Nigeria” Initiative, twice, within the life of the present administration.

Akwa Ibom towers high  as a destination of choice with the lush luxuriant environment and beautiful landscaping, coupled with the rich cultural heritage, salivating cuisines, beautiful sites and scenes, as well as warm, friendly and hardworking people. These unique attributes have placed Akwa Ibom in a class of its own, as a destination for tourists’, famous for excellent hospitality.

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Predicated on this premise, Governor Udom Emmanuel has continued to put in place apparatuses and facilities to boost personal hygiene and environmental cleanliness of the State. It is therefore based on this hindsight, that the Governor has, in the last five years kept the State on the pinnacle as a safe and clean abode of National and international acclaim.

To accentuate the luxuriant landscape are the srree lights which give the environment a beautiful and breathtaking atmosphere at night, usually a beauty to behold. The insurgence of COVID-19, has hampered  the enjoyment of the beautiful lightings which added  beauty to the landscape of the state.

Also, the monthly environmental sanitation, regular de-silting of drainages and daily sweeping of major roads in the metropolis have remained top priority of the Governor Emmanuel-led administration even as the Governor

has formulated policies to  promote destination Akwa Ibom towards attracting tourists and investors around the globe to tap and bask in the rich cultural resoviour, salivating cuisines and wide array of artistic designs and crafts.

Worthy of mention is the fact that, Governor Udom Emmanuel has initiated a wide range of novel activities to boost tourists attraction in the state such as: the Orange September celebrations, the Ukapisua Street Groove and the Ibeno Mega Beach Fiesta.

Under the Emmanuel administration, Akwa Ibom has won many laurels in national and international events, including the Best Overall participating state at the African Festival of Arts and Culture Exhibition (AFAC EXPO 2015).

One unique event of global acclaim that has continued to attract tourists into Akwa Ibom State is the annual end of year Christmas Carol Festival which has kept international gospel singers on their toes at the yuletide and has attracted wide applause and commendations. At the event, Christians from around the world fly into Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital to celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

With live online broadcast of the event on social media platforms and syndication by many national and international television networks, people from around the world are usually able to participate in the programme , which parades international gospel music ministers and preachers. The outstanding element of the Carol Festival is the conglomeration of choirs from the 31 local government areas of the state which in unison render different agelong Christians Carols to bring out the essence of the season.

Need it be mentioned here that, Akwa Ibom parades world class hospitality and entertainment facilities which provide accommodation and relaxation services to tourists, including the Five star Ibom Hotels and Golf Resort, the Tropicana Entertainment Complex undergoing remodeling and the near completion Sheraton by Four corners. All these facilities are accorded their pride of place in the development processes of the Governor Udom Emmanuel-led governmet.

The investments of Governor Udom Emmanuel in keeping the environment Clean and green have yielded great dividends, attracting national awards to the state and putting up Akwa Ibom as a choice destination for tourists.