Adamawa Records 441, 126 Out-of-School Girls to, Insurgency, Poverty

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The spate of poverty and insurgency in Adamawa State has increased the number of Out-of-school girls in the state to 441,126.

Other factors contributing to the reduced number of school-aged girls in Adamawa State are, teenage pregnancy and apathy for girl-child education by their parents, a report has revealed.

A research on girl-child education indices in the state, released over the weekend indicates that communal clashes, insurgency, and other social unrests are major reasons girls are not allowed to go to school.

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The research added that parents of such girls preferred enrolling them in Quranic education centres against western education which they viewed as being for Christians and negative peer influence, and using them for hawking or domestic chores.

Also captured in the report is the halt of the girls education at the exit point – JSS3 and SS3, when it is time for their final year external examinations, due to paucity of funds for registration.

The report therefore suggested that education for the girls be made free, up to the point of external exams registration. It added that the communities should be taught to discourage early marriage and other unwholesome relationships leading to unwanted pregnancies.

It also recommended the prosecution of teachers or schoolmates guilty of impregnating a girl, as well as the creation of counseling units to guide schoolgirls.