Ita Enang Faults Julius Berger on Calabar/Itu Highway

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The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Senator Ita Enang has described the palliative work done by Julius Berger Construction firm on the failed portions of Calabar/Itu highway as shoddy.

Enang, who paid an unscheduled visit to the site on Saturday, December 14, said that the construction company, Julius Berger has disappointed the Federal Government.

He said that the federal government had two weeks ago directed Julius Berger to undertake palliative work on some failed portions to enable motorists enjoy free flow of traffic during the yuletide season.

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According to him, Julius Berger had informed him that the palliative work on the failed portions were completed.

He expressed surprise that the contractor did not do good job in view of the volume of traffic that was passing through the highway.

“We came to look at the road, the Calabar – Itu highway.

“We had come here two weeks ago and they agreed that since this area is under their contract, we cannot bring in FERMA or NDDC or any other intervention agency to come and work on it, that they will come and rectify it.

“I see now, that they have brought in just laterite to pour on this place, without anything that can stabilise the ground, and so the road has gotten bad, worse than it was.

“I will get back to the Federal Ministry of Works, so that the Controller of Work will come with Julius Berger, who is the contractor, to agree with them that this is not good.

“They made the impression that there has been a remedial measure, that people are passing on this road.

“Yes, people are passing, it is better than before, but right now what I am seeing here is not what it supposed to be.

“The laterite they poured last week are all gone, and there is not even rain now, but it is washed off, so it is not satisfactory.

“I said this area is under their contract and being under their contract, not much can be done, by way of intervention, because they will be interfering in some other person’s contracts,” Enang said.

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Niger Delta said that the federal government was committed to providing good infrastructure to the benefit of its citizens.

He assured that everything possible would be done on the highway to ensuring motorists plying the road do not suffer untold hardship unnecessarily.