SEC Flags off Housing Project for Staff Members

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The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has announced the commencement of a staff housing project.

The project driven by its multi-purpose and cooperative society, as well as other staff-oriented initiatives, is in a bid to ensure that staff members are dedicated to their duties, said Mary Uduk, Acting Director General of the SEC, during the ground-breaking ceremony.

Uduk expressed excitement at the commencement of the project and hoped that it would be completed in record time.

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According to her, when people work in an organisation, they look out for such incentives that they can fall back on when they retire, and that spurs them to further put in their best to enable the organisation deliver on its mandate.

“We are aware that when people work in an organisation, they want to do better and have something to look up to after retirement. I believe that this will help us and provide some form of support to us long after we have left the services of the Commission,” said Uduk.

She added that, the investment will help the SEC’s staff in one way or the other in the future. “We don’t all have to live here, some of us will live here while it could become a source of income to others after we have retired,” Uduk said.

She charged the executive members of the Society to be patient with their members and strive to carry everyone along while also urging them to ensure that whatever project is carried out is for the benefit of the generality of staff.

Frank Aul, the immediate past president of the Society under whose tenure the land was bought, commended the SEC management for their support and also expressed his appreciation to staff who subscribed.

In his remarks, Abulrahman Ahmed, president of SEC multi-purpose society, thanked the management of the commission for their support and commitment to staff welfare.

Ahmed said it is the determination of the present management to ensure that staff are comfortable and in the right frame of mind to carry out their duties that has led to the ground-breaking ceremony of the SEC court.

He also commended the last executive members on the giant project and expressed optimism that the new executives will be able to do more for the staff of the Commission.

Also speaking, Andy Morkah, the Chief Executive Managing Director, Property Vault Limited, the developers of the estate, said the vision of his organisation is to make the SEC estate the best in the environment and assured that they would try their best to ensure that the project is delivered in record time.

He said, “we have already done the design, approval for the layout is 90% done and we are currently awaiting final approval. We will put in our best to ensure that we deliver properties that everyone will be proud of”.