The Escort 3

The Escort (Episode 3)

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…I sat at the reception of the SP gym centre where I escorted Janet the next morning for a walkout when I sighted her laughing shyly with two of her friends who seemed to be flattering her.

I knew they flattered her, thinking she was escorted to the gym by her boyfriend but I could see that she tried her possible best to let them know I’m just a mere attachment and how she hated being followed around like a kid.

The jog all the way from home to the gym was a very quiet one as I rode on my bike slowly behind her as she further proved how flexible her body could be and I also had some captivating sight to behold behind her. She had her ear buds plugged tightly to her ears as she jogged. Her white vest exposed her fair skin soaked in oily morning sweat and her black bra which held her full assets firmly that they don’t bounce out as she galloped.

Janet was through with all she came to do in 30 minutes and was approaching the reception where I sat playing candy crush on my mobile. The conversation between the three ladies were loud that you could clearly pick out what they discussed.

“Ah girls, today’s workout was tough! Come on Anthonia, where did you learn those positions from? They really pulled my muscles!” Janet lamented.

Anthonia laughed out proudly, “well,… I was listening to the radio as I jogged here when SlowIce did the workout session. He gave out some moves and I promised to drill my girls with it today.”

“That was thigh twisting!” Screamed Janet, “I’m not sure I’ll be get over it in a week time. My legs are staggering.” she added.

“You could share my bike with me if you wish…” I offered as they draw close to the glass door.

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She was shocked by my offer but replied mildly, “Oops.. thank you, but I’ll try jogging. It’s for my good.”

“If you say so then.” I allowed.

Janet commenced jogging after saying parting byes to her friends who took the next turn to their homes, not forgetting to flatter her once more.

The jogging damsel did not jog a mile when she eventually fell to a squat feeling so exhausted. I could see her thighs shake frantically and the looks on her face regretted coming out to the gym today.

“Jump on already, Janet.” I lend out a hand and she did not hesitate to climb on my Nichelin. She clenched my waist as she caught her balance and I felt an erection below as her body rubbed against my back.

I fired the bike thrice and was about to take the flight when she pleaded, “gently please. This is my first time.” I smiled proudly and said within me “hold me tighter then.”

Manny was already back from escorting Mrs Dickson to the mall when he saw me drive in with Janet on my bike. He gave me a surprised and warning look which informed me of the risk if I’m caught by Honourable. I smiled back assuring him of no cause for alarm.

Later that evening, Manny hinted me of a rising issue concerning Hon. Dickson. He had heard him shout over the phone saying Honourable Bawa and his thugs or party members can do nothing to him because he moved the motion in the House that all Governors beginning from the next election, should spend only a tenure of 6 years and step down for another candidate which they did not support.

“From what I gathered, I think the Mirror party are against it and they’re planning a massive attack on Honourable.” Manny disclosed.

“I’ll track Honourable Bawa’s movements but tell Mrs Dickson not to visit her NGO for now, they might strike that vicinity.” I ordered.

…to be continued!