The Escort (Episode 2)

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…Two days later, I arrived the mansion of the honourable member. The mighty building was typical of that of a politician on this side of the divide, painted with grey and milk colours and guarded with hefty gates and electric wires surrounding the fence.

Despite the guarded building, different breeds of security dogs loitered to and from the gate to the backyard anticipating a prospective meal.

I drove in on my black Nichelin power bike, firing in as I announced the presence of a new private escort. The dogs did not take my announcement likely so they barked angrily at me but did no harm for they thought I was a security personnel.

“Come on buddy, you look tired. Why don’t you go get some rest.” I said to the Alsatian who summoned courage to come close and have a scent of me. I could feel it’s breath as it sniffed below my socks.

I already saw him wagging his tail so I brought out rolls of bliss biscuit and placed it before his salivary mouth. He picked it up with high tongue and began crunching hungrily. I saw others approaching to come get their share but, “Sorry guys.” I said as I drove to my packing lot.

Manny, my colleague was to resume with me but he had an urgent operation. We were assigned to the family for a period of 6 months pending the atmosphere of the political season.

I was directed to our lodge; it was a beautiful apartment well decorated and set. It smelt like vanilla mixed with banana. A big flat screen TV hung on the wall alongside two long speakers below. Three single arm chair spread across the parlour but CCTV cameras hung every corner of the room except the bedroom and bathroom which was not that spacious.

Later that evening, I was washing my bike and polishing my boots and jacket getting ready for work tomorrow when I heard a feminine voice calling “Jay! Jay! Jay?” The figure later appeared and on seeing me she exclaimed, “Oh sorry!” My hairy chest was bare.

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“Have you seen Jay my junior brother?” She asked.

“Nah. Checked his room?”

“Yeah, he isn’t there. Never mind, I know where to find him.” She said as she left the same way she came.

The young lady had a shape of someone who does yoga frequently and focusing specially on her behind. Her nose were as pointed as such crafted by Lady Kwali. Her jaw was perfectly squared to carry her well lifted chin and portable lips.

And as she walked, her shoulder flexed softly as though when flexed forcefully they’ll crumble. Her butts swung flexibly in the tight yoga leggings she wore.

Manny arrived later that evening and after dinner, Hon. Dickson introduced us to the family. The parlour was well kitted with all costly appliances needed, not forgetting fancy chandeliers dangling above our heads.

His wife sat beside him on the long arm chair as he made the introduction. I and Manny stood in the center of the room with our hands behind our butts. His children sat directly opposite their parents while the chef, assistant chef and gateman hung around a corner smiling comely at us.

His daughter seemed not to buy the idea of a personal guard. All her dad said were of limited concern to her as she sat curled with her two legs folded up her chest causing her biceps to be fuller and succulent. She was fiddling her iPhone looking at several fashion wares on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Jay was already having a good time playing with my helmet. He looked 12 and was fascinated by the way I and Manny were kitted up like main actors in some movies he had seen.

“Janet,” Hon. Dickson called to his daughter softly. “Say hi to Kelly and Manny.  They’re both going to be guarding us henceforth.”

“Hi.” She said carelessly but respectfully.


Jay did not just say hi to us, he gave us warm handshake. His parents were pleased. His mother laughed out loud and said casually, “naughty boy…”.

Hon Dick continued, “Manny will ensure that mum is safe wherever she goes to while Kelly will see to the children’s safety. I don’t trust the force men so much, they can compromise at anytime.”

Immediately he was done, Hon Dick urged us to protect his family with our lives. Janet yawned and stretched before climbing the stairs to her room while Jay still sat seeing a movie this time.

Later, I and Manny took out time to play with the dogs, chat with some of the policemen and went for a short ride around the vicinity.

…to be continued!

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