The Escort (Episode 1)

Literary Works Sunday Digest

Despite the tight security apparatuses assigned to the Honourable member representing Kura constituency in the State House of Assembly, Honourable Dickson desired a special guard for his family considering the political atmosphere in the State.

From where I sat in the PGI building on my desk, playing a bike race on my Android phone and chewing rounds of bliss biscuit bought by Moses, my colleague, I saw a black Spider pull up by the driveway with two black Hilux vans. Both vans, one in front and the other behind carried about eight men of the Police Force well-armed and fierce looking.

I was about throwing another piece of bliss into my mouth but paused when I sighted the men jumping down hastily from the vans like ninjas towards the black Spider in the middle.

Two of the policemen had already mounted the door of our building, flinging it open in anticipation of the incoming principal. I knew there was no cause for alarm, I only relaxed on my arm chair watching the short drama that played outside. It took almost a minute before a tall fair lanky fellow stepped out from the back seat of the tinted car. His left foot touched the ground first exposing his costly black designer shoe.

He was in a navy-blue senator’s wear which was perfectly tailored to fit his physique. On his left breast was a blood-red filler in the pocket of the dress which made the golden chain around his neck shine brighter than the colour of his skin, with the fact that he was putting on a dark sun shade that made his skinny head shine even brighter in the sun.

He approached the door to our building with a very brilliant charisma as the policemen holding the door open saluted and came in after him. Four of the Force men hung outside the building, two mounted the door while two walked behind him to the receptionist.

“Good afternoon sir,” Ruth our receptionist greeted as she stood up.

“Yes. Can I see your boss?” He spoke in a baritone voice. A voice which depicted someone who make loud noise in the House. It is often said that in the House, there are no gentleman. But he looked gentle outwardly.
“Alright sir. Please your name?”

“Honourable Dickson.” He said effortlessly.
Ruth ran towards the step to my boss’ office and in a short while, they were both bouncing down the stairs.

Timothy is a muscular man, handsome and also charismatic. He is as good as the organisation he heads; he is a very skilled powerful biker and has served as personal escort to several Heads of States including the former President.

“My Honourable…, it’s good to see you once again.” They shook hands warmly. Honourable Dickson was already smiling molar to molar.

“Mr Tim Tim, Tim my good friend. How have you been?” They hugged surprisingly. The relationship must have been so close.

After much exchange of pleasantries, Hon. Dickson finally disclosed his aim of visiting the Private Guard Agency – PGA.

“Tim, I need two of your finest men for a personal guard. I need to secure my wife and children as the political season boils hotter. I’m not taking anything for granted.”

Timothy having been hinted ushered him to his office to talk business. In some minutes, the telephone at the reception beeped and Ruth notified me that I was needed urgently upstairs.

…What happened when I got there? Find out in Episode 2