Rape Everywhere!

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The entire media landscape is awash with agitations, protests and insinuations on rape, some arising from the recent cases and others from the past.

Everyone has something to say in condemnation of this ill which has conveniently found its way into our society.

Before going further, let us all see and agree that Nigeria, our Nigeria is fast relapsing into a paradise where evil sways unabated. From extra-judicial killings to human rituals, high-handedness, cultism, prostitution, abortion, child abuse and trafficking, rape, armed robbery, cold and hot murder, exploitation and extortion, high-handedness and deprivation of basic human rights, we are fast becoming the headquarters of the devil’s workshop.

Making our case more worrisome is the every-one-is-doing it syndrome and the let-me-mind-my-business mentality which has made us turn blind eyes and deaf ears to societal ills happening right under our watch.

So, with our full authorization of the evil that men do courtesy of “minding our businesses”, we encourage the hellish of experiences even in our households!

I once read a rape story involving a girl whose step-father raped her every night for 6 years! 6 years of being gagged and beaten for resisting him during her monthly flow! Sadly, her mother would act blind and unaware in the same house with the stinking reason that it was better her “husband” did it with her daughter who she was sure was disease free, than someone out there who would infect him!

I also know of women who say they can’t speak out for their daughters or maids being sexually molested by their husbands, brothers or brothers-in-law because of the shame the disgrace would bring to them or breakup it would cause their marriage. What exactly is wrong with us?

It gives credence to a post I once read that a woman’s major problem is another woman. How do you tell your daughter to the face that you could not speak up for her because you wanted to save your marriage? Or because you were ashamed of disgracing the shameless man? Or that you didn’t want the man to get infection from outside? How?

There’s no justification. Anyone justifying rape is same as a rapist and should be dealt with squarely but will we point out the ones in our homes first before looking for Uwa and Barakat’s?

It cannot be true that we do not know 1 out of 5 of our friends who do not have a rape secret, or 1 out of 5 of our family members who has not escaped being raped. As alarming as this statistic is, the truth in it is that it is real.

Mothers, aunts and grandmothers should know better than to rebuke and discard any child’s rape report. Rape is everywhere and can happen even in a twinkle of the eye. Importantly, we should learn to say NO to keeping quiet over a rape issue.