Uyo Council Boss Debunks Allegations of Disagreement with Legislature

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…says Legislature’s demand for IGR is normal

The Chairman of Uyo Local Government Area, Elder Imo Okon, has reacted to a trending publication in some local tabloids alleging him to be at variance with the local Government legislators after they asked him to account for the council’s internally generated funds.

Speaking via a phone conversation with our reporter on Friday, May 3, the Council boss stated explicitly that there was no issue between the Legislators and the Executive arm of the Council, as reported by the media.

Elder Imo Okon noted that it was normal for the legislature whose function was to oversight the activities of the executive, to demand for explanations where there was no clarity, and be given answers.

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He therefore wondered why the media would paint such a mutual relationship between the two arms as though there was a crisis.

“The legislature asking the executive of what they are doing with internally generated fund is normal. It is not a media issue, and does not involve the media. The executive does not need the media to carry out its daily duties.

Whatever the issue is, if at all there is any, the media should have gone to the offices of those concerned to confirm before concluding,” he maintained.

The Council Boss who expressed disappointment at the level of unprofessionalism of some reporters maintained that “the media no longer writes what’s factual but what they think and imagine”.

“Anyone who has heard a thing or two about me or my activities in the office should approach me, inspect the premises to have an experience of the playout and arrangement of things, hear from staff before drawing vague conclusions”.

“I am the Chief security officer of the Local Government, if I notice anything which should not be, it is my duty to correct it immediately, not to call the media’s attention”, he stated.

Elder Okon further narrated that what was published of him was false as he was still going about his duties and carrying out his executive functions. He again posited that he has no problem with the legislature and that they have been accounting for internally generated funds regularly. “It’s normal”, he added.

He wondered by the media was never present to witness his “100 days in office”, “one year in office”, previous briefings and reports of the local Government income and expenditure, but now comes to imagine problems where there are none. “I have bought a 40-feet medical equipment and distributed them to health centres, given scholarship to several Uyo students and empowered others financially but the media has not heard that. Or are they expecting me to always make noise and seek publicity whenever I empower people?”, he inquired.

The Local Government head however called for calm from members of the public, saying that he was under obligation to serve the people of Uyo conscientiously, and that he would be rewarded by God.