AKROIMA Appeals to AKHA for Review of MDA Responsibilities

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The Akwa Ibom State Roads and Other Infrastructure Maintenance Agency (AKROIMA), has appealed to the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly to review the ministerial responsibilities of Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) of government to ensure effective implementation of their assigned duties.

AKROIMA made the appeal through the Board Chairman, Prince Godwin Ntuk Udeh, when members of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) paid a courtesy call on the Agency on Friday, June 21.

The Agency pleaded with the Akwa Ibom State Government to reassign the responsibility of desilting drainages and other flood channels in the State Capital to AKROIMA in order to curb the menace of flood in the state as the rainy season intensifies.

Ntuk Udeh stressed that the Agency has the necessary equipment to undertake the maintenance of infrastructure in the state, once the Appropriation Committee of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly rightly apportions the responsibilities to the Agency.

“There are certain things that should be given over to the rightful owner; if you take a medical business to an engineer, he may do it, but the finishing would not be professional.  Since there is an enabling law by the House of Assembly that clearly spells out the duties of AKROIMA as an Agency, I believe that by the grace of God, once the responsibilities of AKROIMA are  rightly handed over to the Agency, the Agency can effectively handle them, including the desilting of drainage channels.”

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He further added, “Fixing the streets lights are absolutely the duty of AKROIMA by law and we have very functional, modern day equipment that would be able to take care of 3 poles at a point.  The equipment has been acquired and is in the equipment yard for some months now, but has not been put to use. The House of Assembly should be able to check if there is any insertion in AKROIMA’s budget that is not the Agency’s responsibility, pull it off and give it to the rightful ministry.  Check Ministry of Health, Water Resources, Rural Development, Environment, Works, etc., if there is anything that is not supposed to be there but should be for AKROIMA, pull it out and give it to the Agency because that appropriate budgeting will enable each ministry to stand tall to defend and be accountable for the failure or success of that sectorial requirement”.

The AKROIMA helmsman appealed that appropriate budgeting should be implemented by the Appropriation Committee of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly as the 8th Assembly kicks off, to ensure that every Ministry, Department and Agency of government observes and limit itself to its ministerial responsibilities for effective implementation.

He eulogized the State Governor, Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel for reviving maintenance culture in Akwa Ibom State and empowering the Agency to attract individuals and corporate bodies seeking partnership with AKROIMA in developing the state. 

Ntuk Udeh assured that AKROIMA will continue to work hard in ensuring that it delivers on its responsibilities to meet the standard of the 21st century.

On his part, the State Chairman of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), Engr. James Amiah, pointed out that the courtesy call was necessitated by the fact that the NSE in Uyo, is conscious of the synergy between it and AKROIMA, arising from the mandate of the Agency which is geared towards monitoring and administering of all Akwa Ibom Roads maintenance by keeping the roads in good and safe condition and linking them to the rural areas.