Lands Commissioner Charges Youths on Career Devt, Diligence in Service

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 … Harps on available Opportunities in Agric Sector

The Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for Lands and Water Resources, Pastor Umo Eno has charged youths in the state to focus on career development and avoid demeaning attitudes capable of attracting ridicule.  

The Honourable Commissioner gave the charge while addressing youths at Save the Youths conference held in Royalty Hotels, Eket at the weekend.

Pastor Eno who was the keynote Speaker at the conference, noted that a great number of youths are roaming the streets today, not because there is nothing to to do, but because they feel that they do not have what they want to do.

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 He urged the youths to learn to start small adding; “every great man started small and life itself is about small, but those that are faithful in small things would be faithful in big ones. One of the problems we have with the youths these days is that no one wants to start small, no one wants to start with little things but wants to become big all of a sudden.

 “There is nothing wrong in being ambitious, or aiming high, but there is always a point where you begin, there is always a point zero where you begin to gravitate. So I want to encourage our youths to learn to start small, not waiting until it is oil and gas or white collar job.  

“Life is a building block, so start from somewhere and build from there. If you don’t gather enough experience that will enable you to stay at the top, you could get to the top but fall flat from there. Whereever you find yourself try and be diligent. Like the bible says, whatever your hand finds to do, do it well. Proverbs 22:29 says, ‘seest thou a man diligent in his business, he will stand before Kings and not mean men.’

“All of us want to be in the oil industry, but today oil is no longer what it used to be. The in thing right now for any young man is agriculture and there are so many opportunities in the agricultural sector that are still untapped. Right now government is looking for youths to train in agric business so that they will come back and run their own agric businesses. But hardly do you find people who are prepared to go into the field. We all want to stay in the office. If you put your mind to what you are doing and show diligence, people would always recognize you.” The Commissioner said.

While advising the youths to develop future plans for self actualisation, he stressed, “until you give yourself a name in a career, you are nothing, and when you see people go into politics and want to kill everybody, they do not have a second address, that is why they want to die there.

The Commissioner who is an accomplished entrepreneur, turnaround management consultant and hotel and tourism practitioner decried the trend of ambushing politicians to solicit for alms as well as those engaging in fraud of all kinds, adding that such was an awkward mentality and alien to the Akwa Ibom culture.

Pastor Eno, himself a farmer, pointed out that Governor Udom Emmanuel is putting in much to resuscitate Agriculture and therefore advised the youths to take advantage of these opportunities and make something meaningful for themselves and families.

Credit: Anthony Udoh