The Adventure of Winnie

Sunday Digest: The Adventure of Winnie


…And in her imagination, she was someone else’s child. She had seven sisters. At the time of her birth, she knew that their parents were expecting a baby boy, because of that, Winnie cried so much at birth that her parents became helpless in comforting her. Their home was like the girls’ hostel. They almost grew underwear as flowers and made curtains out of girls’ dresses. They lived as happy sisters, and perhaps not a happy family. Her father wasn’t as happy as he should be, or never happy at all. And Winnie, though a little girl, felt her father might run away some day, and she won’t wait for him to do that. She wished she were someone else’s child.

She again imagined she was someone else’s child. She had four brothers and was the last child. Her parents were not doing quite well in life, but they tried to earn a living from their little earnings. Everyone managed to be happy except Winnie, and she didn’t know why. She was loved by all, and at the same time, she ran errands for everyone. She seldom had time for herself or lived the life of her own. And Winnie, though a little girl became tired of running errands for everyone. She wished she was someone else’s child.

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She also imagined She had a younger brother, and they were just two of them to their parents. Her parents were quite rich and they lived in a castle. Both parents left the house every morning to work and returned in the night when the kids had slept away. They left them in the care of a nanny. Everything Winnie and her brother learnt was from the nanny, being the only person they had by their sides at all times. Winnie, though a little girl, felt she wasn’t having a good parental love and care. She wished she was someone else’s child.

Lastly, she was someone else’s child, having an elder brother who was always away from home. She lived alone with her loving parents who were as loving as they can. Her parents afforded her more time to run around and play. Winnie felt they were the best parents any child can have. One morning, her parents left for work together and were knocked down dead by a careless driver. Winnie became an orphan with no one to call parents. As a little girl, she can’t live on her own without her parents. She wished she was someone else’s child.

“But where else?” she wondered. And there was nowhere else for her to be. No one’s family is perfect and we are where we deserve to be. Winnie thought of her loving father and mother in their simple home, she deserved no other parents but them. She wished she was their child, and she was their child.