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Sunday Digest: EEWÓ (Abomination) – Part 2

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Caleb Jacob

[Everyone is present at Samuel’s parents’ apartment. Faith’s parents are seated opposite Samuel’s while Faith and Samuel take position by their side]

Daddy Faith: [Breaks the silence] Yes. I got a call from Faith my daughter, inviting me for a meeting at her boyfriend’s house. We are here now, can the meeting begin?

[There is a brief hiatus again]

Daddy Sam: Well…. welcome sir, since the children who convened the meeting are not ready to speak, I’ll just do some little introduction while they put their agenda together. [He gesticulates towards his wife.] This is my wife, Atinuke Adeleke. She is Samuel’s mother. I am Kayode Adeleke.

Daddy Faith: Alright, I am Mr Durotimi Olafemi, Faith’s father…

Mummy Sam: [Refuses to speak. Her head is bowed and she is picking her fingers].

Mummy Faith: Eku aàrò gbogbo yin (Good morning all of you). Orukò mi ni Ajoke Durotimi (My name is Ajoke Durotimi). Please o, let this meeting not last till afternoon shugbon customers o shé duro de mi, (customers are waiting for me at the shop).

Faith: [Speaks respectfully] Good morning mummies, good morning daddies. We sincerely apologize for calling this meeting so urgently, we know your businesses have been put on hold right now. However, nkó ti a fé só o se Pataki (what we want to discuss is very important).It is very important.

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Both Parent: Angbó (we are listening).

Samuel: [Comes in arrogantly. He is not so happy]. Daddy, Mummy…, thank God everyone is present here. I want you all to listen carefully because I am still finding it hard to believe the doctor’s report…

Mummy Faith: [Interrupts] Doctor’s report ké? Mo le ro pe ooti fun ómó mi loyun? (Hope you haven’t put my daughter in a family way?).

Faith: [Cuts in] È farabalé maami (Calm down mother). I am not pregnant.

Mummy Faith: Orr…

Samuel: [Continues] Well…thank God she’s not. it would have been worse. See, mummy ati daddy, can someone immediately explain to me how I and Faith are related?

[There is sudden confusion in the house. Husbands questioning their wives, the women are denying aggressively. Faith and Samuel are watching the drama attentively.]

Faith: It is a simple question. [Everyone is silent now.]

Samuel: [I and Faith are thinking of getting married soon. This meeting would’ve been an introduction, but thanks to the doctor’s report. [Low murmuring is heard…] We went for a blood test last week and here is the result, [handing it out] we are HIV negative. But this result says that we cannot get married because we are both related. Can someone tell us how true this is? I mean, the doctor cannot forge any result and give to us. Kini gain wón (what is his gain)?

Daddy Sam: [Takes down his spectacles. He is confused.] Wait, wait. Ori mi ti gbalé (My head is aching). What are you talking about self? How can you be Faith’s brother or how can she be your sister? Emi o get (I don’t understand).

Faith: Exactly! How is that possible? We need answers right now.

[The house is mute. Everyone is waiting for someone to speak up first. Samuel’s mother is yet to raise her head since the beginning of the meeting.]

Daddy Sam: Enikan sóró… (Someone should talk) …


As They Are

Success David (The Wordsmith)

We call them names
Say they are made of the same
In the game of which they are tamed
But are we not much as they are?

We mumble our words
Speak of all they do to us
Write down all of their odds
But are we not much as they are?

We rustle our feet
Our silence screaming they aren’t fit
While we smile at a little power sit
But are we not much as they are?

We say they are killers
But we have the licence to kill
They sit in their glass houses
As they watch us do their kill
Are we not much as they are?

We say they exploit us
Taking bit in bits our money
But we sell goods adding our extra penny
How it is afforded, we feel no sorry
Are we not much as they are?

We say we aren’t strong
Yet we survive in this very good olds wrong
Chanting at each and every new turn
Their own election song
Are we not much as they are?

We say there is no hope for our mother
Yet hope that our prayers be answered
When we cry in deceit as good daughters
Are we not much as they are?

Let these words sink
If for it upon a minute you would think
That you are not much as they are.

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