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Sunday Digest: EEWÓ (Abomination) Part 1

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(Samuel returns from work and after having shower and meal, he suddenly becomes moody. His girlfriend, Faith, is worried).

Faith: (Preventing him from going outside). Sammy, what’s wrong all of a sudden? Why are you suddenly moody? Did anyone offend you at work today?

Sammy: (Avoids eye contact with her) Nothing’s wrong Faithy, I just want to be left alone for now.

Faith: Just like that? Have I offended you in any way? Come on talk to me my love. You just ate my food, isn’t it delicious? Tell me Sammy, I could prepare another meal on my account.

Sammy: Your meal was perfect as usual Faith. In fact, I might just wake in the middle of the night to have the third round. But I wish I could just be alone now Shuga, you don’t want me to disclose what’s wrong right now. I just can’t believe this is true. I need time to think and convince myself that what the doctor’s result read isn’t true.

Faith: (Frowning) The result of the blood test is out? Are you…? No please don’t tell me you’re infected, Sam.

Sammy: (Letting loose from her grip) None of us is infected. I know we’ve had series of unprotected sex but we’re not infected.

Faith: (Following behind) So what’s wrong Sammy, tell me already! What’s the result saying? Where is it, can I have a look?

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Sammy: (Turns and look straight into her eyes). How the hell are we related, Faith? (Raising his voice) How in heaven’s name are we bloodily related to each other!

Faith: (Astonished) Whaaaat!!!! Sammy? Repeat that!

Sammy: (Calmly, but strictly serious) We’re calling for a family meeting. You call your parents, I’ll invite mine, we shall get to the root of this.

Faith: (Still amazed) Sa…Sammy, are you sure the result is not false?

Sammy: Doctor Oputa is a professional, what will he gain if he serves us a fake result? Faith, we’re going to have a family meeting. Do as I say. Tomorrow at my parent’s house, we’ll trash this matter. I need privacy right now…

Faith: (Holds her head in her hands) Mogbe! Ah, Mogbe o!

(Look-out for part 2 next Sunday)



By Success David
(The Wordsmith)

Beautiful death bed

Carefully curved

Accurately shaped

In all sizes all life holds.

You sit and lie in your glory

Potted and painted beautifully you lie

Waiting for your companion

For the journey you enjoy, the journey of forever.

You sit day after day

Sheepishly smiling at their deeds

Their deeds, the one that draws them close to you

The one that your master counts on.

Do you beckon too?

Stretch strictly for them to come?

Cos they often come to you

In a number everyday they do

To the screaming cries of family

And the consumption of the earth

Where you find solace and peace and joy

Locked up unto forever

For you have attained victory holding them, yes their bodies captive.

Beautiful death bed

I say to you find no glory in yourself

For in your happiness lies sorrow equivalent

And in your fullness lies a vacuum

And in your peace lies torment of the mind from memories of the demised unto forever

Until the meet at the other side, the good land of forever.

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