The Adventure of Winnie

Short Fiction: The Adventure of Winnie

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Winnie had no brother or sister, except herself. She was a little tender girl to a simple parent who lived in a very simple home. Her mother gave her the warmest love and care. She would watch Winnie fall asleep before she going to bed, and rise to look on her sleeping child thrice before daybreak.

Some nights, Winnie pretended to be asleep so that her mother could go to bed. Winnie’s father loved her too, and could give her his life. Both parents were very fond of her, and were happy for everything. Winnie, though a little girl, felt over pampered and bored with affection; and wished she were someone else’s child.

And indeed, she was someone else’s child. She had an elder sister and two younger brothers. Her parents were loving and caring as they could, in their comfortable home. They lived a very happy life. But Winnie’s youngest brother was often sick, and sometimes, it seems he won’t survive another second.


Yet, they lived on and remained a happy family. Winnie was getting happy about this family, but one fateful night, her elder sister died in sleep. It broke her parents’ heart, and made her mother cry.

Afterwards, time healed everything and they were happy again. But two years later, Winnie’s immediate younger brother went to school and was carried away by flood at the playground. This broke Winnie’s mother heart so much that she lost the happiness left in her. Now it was just Winnie, her sick brother and their sad parents, and the once happy family became a very sad story. Winnie, though a little girl, couldn’t bear the sadness; she wished she were someone else’s child…

To be continued…

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