Seeing Sen. Effiong Bob in view of tomorrow

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Seeing Sen. Effiong Bob in view of tomorrow

In less than 18 months from now, the people of Akwa Ibom will again be saddled with the responsibility of electing a successor who will lead the state further into advancement and development.

Despite the agitations by existing and upcoming personalities to throw their hats in ring, in contest, one must understand that what the State needs is not just a successor but one who can see beyond the politics of governance.

The length Akwa Ibom has gone is far beyond bigotry, ethnic limitation and or self-vision. The State has indeed evolved to a level where it can only get better and not less. The conscious efforts taken by the present administration to project and promote the State has placed Akwa Ibom on a high pedestal where only a hindsighter and one with a visionary eye can afford to step in, to consolidate on the completion agenda. From infrastructural resurrection to industrialization, agricultural boom, security and economic stability of Small and Medium Scale Businesses; we can only be grateful for the journey so far, while gearing up to bring on board one who will lead us further.  

In the light of the above, Sen. Effiong Bob comes in as a strong advocate of the completion agenda. The legal luminary understands that government is a continuum and those who come into power should be able to interpret the vision of their predecessors to enable them continue delivering on the dividends of democracy.

For Bob who’s been on ground for over three decades; gathering the needed experiences, making observations and building momentum; leadership isn’t about competition or a contest where athletes strive to be better than the other but rather, a means of reaching out to the people.

In one of his interactions about his perception of government Sen. Bob was saddened that “no one wants to continue from where the other person stopped; everyone wants everything to be named after him but what is right must be done. If a project is not completed by a particular government, the incoming government must be able to do that because it is in the state. If you stop completing another administration’s project because it was Initiated by another person, it is a waste because it is the money of the state that was used to Initiate the project, and so the project must go on, that’s my believe about governance.

The above summarizes his selfless concern about people of the State come 2023. It is therefore safe to say that if given the trust, the goodwill of the State as is being proclaimed today, will continue to soar even beyond human expectation.