See the Widow in Oruk Anam who’s lived in the cold for 20 years

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See the Widow in Oruk Anam who’s lived in the cold for 20 years

Priscilla Christopher

The story of a sexagenarian in Oruk Anam whose life changed for the worst when it seemed like a ray of hope was beckoning, has melted the hearts of helpless members of Ikot Ntuk Village where she lives.

Madam Tity Peter whose sad story started when she lost her husband two decades ago has lived in her open backyard under rain, sunshine and harmattan for more than 20 years with few palm fronds as her cover.

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It happened that a part of the mud house which she lived with her husband and two daughters collapsed beyond repair few years after her husband’s demise, posing a threat to their shelter.

Moved by her plight, the then Councilor representing Oruk Anam, Ward 2, Hon. Manasseh Mkporikpo collapsed the entire mud house and commenced the construction of a two-bedroom Bungalow to avail them a comfortable accommodation. Sadly, his humanitarian gesture was cut short by the expiration of his tenure and paucity of funds hence, the discontinuation of the building project.

Thus, Madam Tity Peter, left with no option has had to squat at the back of the house she once lived in for over 20 years.

When asked of her children, the widow, with a teary eye and grieve-laden voice informed in vernacular that they had been married out in search of a better life when things became unbearably difficult.

“Having tried all I can to manage the place, to no avail, I simply cover myself with an umbrella at night to sleep whenever it is raining”, she said.

According to Helen Amos, a relative of the widow, Madam Tity had made several attempts to make her squatting ground comfortable over the years but her efforts were truncated by the wind whenever it rains.

Also attesting to the widow’s condition, a former Councilor in Ikot Ibritam Ward 2 in Oruk Anam Local Government Area between 1991-1993, who took the responsibility of Madam Tity’s welfare since she became physically weak to farm, Hon. Uke John Udo stated that she has remained faithful and kind despite her living condition.

“Since we cannot complete the building project for her, the much we can do is to ensure that she is happy and that is to the best of our ability”, he said. He however called on kindhearted individuals, Organizations and the government to help the widow live again in her house while she is alive.