Security agencies now a section of APC, says Iwa Udofia

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The Youth Caucus of Akwa Ibom State, led by its Chairman, Aniefiok Iwa-Udofia has alleged that security agencies in the country are presently constituted by the ruling party, All Progressives Congress (APC).

The Chairman made the allegation, among several others, while addressing the Akwa Ibom press community on Friday.

Iwa Udofia noted that the police and other security agencies are aiding the APC to twist the dictates of Rule of Law. “We are saying the elections should be allowed to be free, fair and credible. Udom has about 97% support of Akwa Ibom people and is sure of winning the 2019 election. That is why we are saying that we will resist all attempt to manipulate the elections. We are ready. We will be fearless”.

“We will stand before them and say no! We will not waiver in the face of fear and intimidation, even if it means killing all of us. But the whole world will know that another genocide that happened in Rwanda has happened here in Akwa Ibom State. All the youth of Akwa Ibom State will rise in unison to defend the vote of our Governor”, he said.

Among the allegations levelled against the APC are: plans to arrest PDP leaders and major stakeholders in the State, intimidation of PDP members, EFCC and ICPC with federal might; manipulation of election results, among others.

The text of the press conference reads thus in parts: “To justify our claims, on that fateful day of the invasion of the State House of Assembly, the APC boasted that they are going to remove the Commissioner of Police and bring a new one that will come to do their biddings, and true to their boasts, the Commissioner of police was removed few hours thereafter.”

“As law-abiding youths, we appeal to all security agencies in the State not to act or be seen as an extension of APC. The state security agencies should remain apolitical and always exhibit a high degree of professionalism…we view the threat to peace orchestrated by APC in the State in collaboration with external force at the centre (Federal Might) to cause political disharmony in the State so that they may gain political advantage to introduce jackboot governance, repression and monarchical system”.

“We shall resist any attempt by the so-called Federal Might (Police, DSS, Army, Civil Defence & other security agencies) to manipulate the 2019 elections with our last blood”.

“We strongly call on all the international agencies such as ECOWAS, African Union, European Union, United Nations, US and UK to be watchful of these evil plans by the APC in the State.

“As law-abiding citizens, we urge the lazy and idle youths groomed by the APC for the next election to refrain from political thuggery/hooliganism and grasp the window of industrial revolution and opportunities made possible by the political exploits of Gov. Udom Emmanuel”.

However, when asked what evidence there is to prove the allegations against the ruling Party, Iwa-Udofia said, “the evidence is everywhere in the social media”.

The Akwa Ibom State Youth Caucus, comprising of the State Youth Council, Dakkaka Ambassadors, Village Youths, Female Youths and Christian Youths is exclusively appointed by the ruling government and members of the present caucus were appointed by the Udom-led administration.