Rethinking Quality Governance ahead 2023

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As the election year nears and agitations for who succeeds Governor Udom Emmanuel heighten, one cannot be oblivious of the apprehension which is beginning to set in, in the minds of concerned stakeholders of the State.

The big question is, whose legs would be large enough to wear the shoes which the sitting Governor would remove? Who would perfectly fit into the gap between where we would be left and where we should be from 2023? Who would enhance and ensure the workability and productivity of SMEs, industries, health and educational institutions as well as other sectors richly touched by the sitting Governor?

These and more are the silent questions which have begun to reverberate in the hearts of Akwa Ibomites whose sincere wish for the State is to see it advance and grow from grace to grace.

But the answer is not far away; the desirable is available and can be gotten from the sea of experienced leaders in the State who have proven themselves worthy overtime of trust and capacity.

Experience they say, is the best teacher and learning is best understood through practical experience. Having gone through the classroom of being a Councilor to being a Legislator, Deputy Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Local Government Chairman, Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice in Akwa Ibom State; Sen Effiong Bob stands out as a sterling example of quality leadership to be considered for the exalted seat of Governor.

From his antecedent, the committed party man is a passionate public servant and a trusted prudent administrator with impeccable character, integrity and virtue required of a public leader.

Moreso, Senator Bob has been part of the struggle for a better Akwa Ibom, right from the military regime to the present day democracy. It therefore indicates his knowledge of the road ahead, judging from his knowledge of the road behind. Sen. Bob is the future to anticipate!