Demand for Public Apology by Conscientious

RE: Demand for Public Apology by Conscientious (sic) Annang People (sic) Assembly

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The attention of Ibibio Renaissance Movement (IRM) has been drawn to an embarrassing public outing by one Consciencious (sic) Annang People (sic) Assembly, (CAPA), who attempted issuing a notice of demand for apology from Barr. Onofiok Luke, The Speaking Speaker of Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly for merely pre-notifying the Akwa Ibom public and the world of Senator Godswill Akpabio’s direct and indirect pursuit of his life.

While one’s cultural identity helps to consciously or unconsciously breed a sense of patriotism in an individual’s mind, it does not in any way warrant that issues of socio-empirical truth be garnished or wrapped in such emotive garbs. If one should do, such would amount to a high level curiosity and unimaginable level of crass fallacy.

Simply put, emotions may be emotions, but truth and reality are undeniable and even if denied or debated, the debaters can only argue or lie for a moment, truth they say, would always prevail and lasts forever. This is the first lesson CAPA’s amusing maxi-patriotic herd must decipher before they can start indulging themselves in the thankless job of trying to defend the indefensible.

Reading through the press release issued by the Consciencious (sic) Annang People (sic) Assembly, (CAPA), an acclaimed Annang patriotic and cultural organization, one can only but deduce, the handiwork of a hastily conscripted herd of APC apologists who owe their meal tickets to the crumbs of their alleged larger than life autocratic benefactor, and whose ego they must continually massage in order to sustain their meal tickets or risk survival or even extinction, now coming to play the card of ethnicity.

The release, clothed in Onitsha market grammar, and embarrassingly terse just as its content, had attempted to counter-claim the widely reported assassination attempt on the life the Speaker of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon (Barr) Onofiok Luke, on the orders of the erstwhile governor of the state and now Senator representing Ikot Ekpene senatorial district and an APC chieftain, Obong Godswill Obot Akpabio, all in a bid to diverting the attention of the public from the strong, factually backed up position maintained bySpeaker Luke on the threat to his life and instead tried to drag the stoic and hard-earned reputation of Hon Luke into their lie infested web of murderous jingoistic kamikaze and ethnic politicking.

It has become common knowledge that the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly has been under serious siege. And judging from the turnout of events and the impartial roles displayed by the nation’s security agencies in the subsequent imbroglio, it would be safe to say here that the siege is being orchestrated by the central government of the day in conjunction with their cronies at the state level to destabilize and heat up the Akwa Ibom polity all in a bid to foisting their much desired pre-2019 war on the oil rich state in the hope of illegally capturing it.

Unfortunately, a lot of people who do not have the interest of the state at heart are trying to seize the circus melodrama in the State Assembly to score cheap political points and inflict their insatiable bloodthirst on the people. A move that can be described as a wild goose dream that would never see the light of the day and which at the end, the hideous dramatis personae in the devilish plots would be exposed and forced to face the full wrath of the law, no matter their statuses in the microcosm of their ethnic covens.

Thus, before CAPA can continue with its ignorance fuelled rebellion and “defence of Annang leaders”, it is pertinent that a few issues be dissected before them tofeed off their presumed malnourished knowledge bowls.

Primarily, it would be expedient to remind CAPA that Hon Onofiok Luke as the number three citizen of the state, who is constantly fed with privileged security information has not just the personal but constitutional rights to allay fears where the suspicious danger mazes seem to suggest such and make timely security pronouncements that may not only benefit him or his family alone but the generality of the public. Or is CAPA trying to cap that when one feels one’s life is in fatal danger, one should not cry out?

Let it also be sounded to CAPA that Barr. Luke has known and worked with Akpabio at various levels of government and has an undiluted encyclopedia of strategic information the former governor than even the eggheads of CAPA can ever dream of. Ultimately, he is not one who is known to be economical with the truth, neither does he hesitates to stir the hornet’s nest when necessary while at the same time not flippant in his claims. These are his well-worn attributes earned heroically over the years.

However, quite regrettably, it has always smacked of any sane reasoning how CAPA’s newly-canonized Saint Akpabio has always craved for a pound of flesh from Hon Luke, even when the highly regarded Nsit Ubium lawmaker has not wronged him in any way since the inception of their political sojourns. One does not forget inhaste the roles Hon Luke played during Akpabio’s formative years as Governor ofthe state, his respect for him and his wife( who still calls him her son), andthe steadfastness of Hon Luke at the dawn of the 2015 elections, (an electionthat Akpabio personally wanted to frustrate his overwhelmingly accepted secondterm bid).

Hon Luke moved on since 2015, forgave and forgot but at any little opportunity, Obong Akpabiowould always promise fire and hailstones on the speaker either through his direct actions or by proxy.

Does one need to remember his embarrassing attempts at stopping Hon. Luke’s emergence as Speaker of the 6th Assembly? Again, one wonders why Akpabio is so obsessed with HonOnofiok Luke!

Just over two weeks ago, Akpabio took a thinly veiled dig at Speaker Luke in the form of a press release by his media boy, Anietie Ekong in the heat of the Assembly drama by referring to Hon Luke as a member representing Nsit Ubium, rather than his position as speaker of the state’s assembly. That effort lends credence to the pharonic heart that Akpabio has for Hon Luke. Again, one asks: Has Onofiok everoffended him? The answer is no!

Just under afortnight ago, Speaker Luke received security briefings bothering on threats to his life by a highly placed Annang APC chieftain and even the deaf and dumb,would not need to be told who is the face behind such murderous claims.

For a man who is clearly bloodthirsty and mongers for war than peace, CAPA should warn their demigod, Akpabio to desist from his fatal tendencies and sincerely get closer to God in penitence lest he should end up like Nebuchadnezzar.

Again, at this juncture, one is also forced to ask: Where was CAPA when Akpabio declared war on Akwa Ibom? Where were they when their brothers were slaughtered in Ukanafun and Etim Ekpo? Or does one need to educate them that these are some of the proper ways of defending Annang land and their elders?

Therefore, the IRM has nothing better than a scornful laugh for such an attempt by Akpabio to use some obscure group of apparent chumps and harebrained political jobbers to intimidate the Rt. Hon. Speaker, as it is only in an island of wild fantasies existent only in their imaginary minds will our Principal renege on his claim that Senator Akpabio is after his life with reason not unconnected to his unrepentant refusal to join him (Akpabio) in his political prostitution which according to the Speaker, is an act of cowardice and a betrayal of trust.

On the threat of a lawsuit, we have no doubts that members of the so called CAPA knows the way to the court and can seek help on the process if their halfwit also denies them knowledge in this regard. Therefore this response is mainly to save them the stress of having an agonic 72 hours wait in vain. Lest CAPA forget, Barr.Onofiok Luke is no coward who gets chickened by empty threats. Hence, CAPA should make hay in their journey to court, as our Principal’s hands and mouthare itchy with a plethora of evidence to support his claim.

To Akpabio and his cronies, Hon Onofiok Luke remains undaunted in his resolve to expose the hegemony of wickedness that had gained traction in the state during the Akpabio years and no amount of threats can deter him, because, he is of truth and of God. After all, a threat to one Akwa Ibomite is a threat to a  Akwa Ibomites.

Nkereuwem Ime Alfred

Etinan Coordinator, IRM

Ofonime Sunday Ekong

Nsit Ibom Coordinator, IRM

Sunday Udo Bassey

Nsit Ubium Cordinator, IRM