Oruk Anam Widow Gets Shelter after 20 years

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Oruk Anam Widow Gets Shelter after 20 years

A Good Samaritan from Akwa Ibom State has turned around the story of a widow from Oruk Anam, Madam Titi Peter whose living condition for over 20 years was an eyesore.

It would be recalled that THE INK NEWSPAPER had previously reported the poor living condition of the sexagenarian whose life changed for the worst when it seemed like a ray of hope was beckoning.

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Moved by her plight, the Good Samaritan who prefers not to be mentioned, found his way to Ikot Ntuk Village where the old woman resides and immediately commenced the continuation of her abandoned uncompleted house thus, making Mma Titi a proud owner of a modern house with up-to-date features in less than one month.

Madam Tity Peter whose sad story started when she lost her husband two decades ago has before now, lived in her open backyard under rain, sunshine and harmattan for more than 20 years with few palm fronds as her cover.

It happened that a part of the mud house which she lived with her husband and two daughters collapsed beyond repair few years after her husband’s demise, posing a threat to their shelter.

Moved by her plight, the then Councilor representing Oruk Anam, Ward 2, Hon. Manasseh Mkporikpo collapsed the entire mud house and commenced the construction of a two-bedroom Bungalow to avail them a comfortable accommodation. Sadly, his humanitarian gesture was cut short by the expiration of his tenure and paucity of funds hence, the discontinuation of the building project.

Thus, Madam Tity Peter, left with no option had been squatting at the back of the house she once lived in for over 20 years.

“Having tried all I can to manage the place, to no avail, I simply cover myself with an umbrella at night to sleep whenever it is raining”, she had told this reporter in March.

However, when this reporter visited her after the keys of the house were handed to her, Madam Tity could not hold back her emotions.

Mma’s Former Residence

“I never knew I would live in this kind of a place in my lifetime. I never knew God was thinking about me. I never knew I was going to smile so soon. God bless the man whose heart my plight touched and everyone who made it possible”, she cried.

In their separate responses, the Village Chief of Ikot Ntuk, Chief Michael Ukwok; Youth Leader, Okommem Okommem; Secretary of Nung Ita Clan, Nsikananabasi Joshua; the Widow’s Sister and Daughter, Deaconess Helen Amos and Deaconess Christiana Ayara, were full of appreciation for the volunteer. They prayed God’s unending blessings on him and wished him success in his endeavours.