Nigerians React to Claims That Atiku is Not A Nigerian

Atiku Abubakar is a Cameroonian
Atiku Abubakar

Samuel Akpan

Nigerians in some quarters are perplexed that Atiku Abubakar who had contested and won governorship election in Adamawa State and had also served as Nigerian’s vice president for eight years was on Friday, April 11, declared a Cameroonian by the All Progressive Congress (APC).

The APC made the claim in a reply to the petition earlier filed by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at the tribunal challenging the victory of Muhammadu Buhari at the last presidential polls.

In the petition, the APC faulted the candidacy of Mr. Abubakar in the election saying he was not qualified to have contested the presidential election because he is a Cameroonian and not a Nigerian citizen, adding that his petition against President Buhari should be set aside for lack of merit.

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Following this weighty allegation made by the APC, Nigerians have taken to social media to express their opinion on the controversy. Below are the opinions of Nigerians gleaned from Twitter: 

Senator Shehu Sani‏Verified account @ShehuSani 


Be cautious in your politics not to reignite Nigeria Cameroun frosty historical issues, so that they don’t renew claims to the old Sardauna province and then we will end up losing a portion of our northern territory like the Bakassi.

Reno Omokri‏Verified account @renoomokri 


Someone who made Nigeria the world headquarters for extreme poverty is accusing a man who was Vice President in a government that DOUBLED Nigeria’s Per Capita Income, of not being a Nigerian. Even @MBuhari’s accusations are POOR! Everything around him screams POVERTY #RenosDarts

Kola Ologbondiyan‏ @officialKolaO 


You are accused of stealing meat from the general household cooking pot by fellow household members and your best response was- “he is not a member of the household, he is a Cameroonian” The things we hear from our neighbors though…. Stay calm…#AtikuIsComing

ayodeji obanla‏ @dejiobabillions 


I have never seen this kind of foolishness in my entire life. After rigging the election. What they can say is the former number 2 man of the country is a Cameroonian. I thank God I’m not God. I will simply……

Akan C. E‏ @akaneb 


#Logic: If Atiku is not a Nigerian because he was born in Adamawa when it was part of Cameroon, it follows that those born in Eastern Nigeria between May 1967 and January 1970 are NOT Nigerians. Finally… Biafrans have a STATE! Thanks @OfficialAPCNg !

Austeen Ojie‏ @AusteenOjie 


APC lawyers know they can’t defend the stolen mandate, so they came up with this narrative of Atiku not being a Nigerian, Just to delay the case beyond may 29th, till their tenure is over.

Austin Adesola‏ @AdesolaAustin 


Atiku not a Nigerian, Buhari is from Niger Republic, Abacha from Chad, IBB, OBJ from where? When is this foolishness going to stop in Nigeria polity. Apc lawyer demonstrated high level of foolishness or whosoever said this in Court. Defend your votes.Period.!!!

Just Ella‏ @Ellameches 


This is not about Atiku not being a Nigerian but Fulanis in general are not Nigerians. I don talk my own

Brown sugar‏ @Sweet_sommy 


So does it mean that APC practically rigged the election because Atiku is not a Nigerian?

Richard‏ @Richard92799647 


Now Atiku is in opposition of the government they have stepped out to say he is not a Nigerian, something the Biafran leader has said before and people looked at him as constituting a nuisance again. I have no doubt believing the other accusation he made too.

Akpovee‏ @vickovee 


The news of Atiku not being a Nigerian is a sure eye opener to all that this APC govt. are not and have not being telling us all the truth.. How come all of a sudden this man (Atiku) became a non Nigerian.

Ibiam‏ @Ibiam17 


@UrbanRadio945 APC claim that Atiku is not a Nigerian is a joke taken too far, and I ask the tribunal to ask APC to apologize to him for such hate speech.#ptp

Peter Kertyo‏ @PKertyo 


#Buhari is Jubril of Sudan, it’s true. #Atiku isn’t Nigerian, it’s not true. The author of these narratives is Nnamdi Kanu. Leaders of @OfficialPDPNig believed the first theory. Why are they finding it difficult to believe that Atiku isn’t a Nigerian? Only asking.

Martins 5digit‏ @osynachi_1 


Since APC has admitted there was a massive rigging during the presidential election but Atiku was not eligible to contest due to he is not a Nigerian. Now believe it or not #AtikuIsComing @fkeyamo is using illegality to treat legality and trader moni professor is watching.

Mazi Michael Benson‏ @mikony2


I remembered vividly on one of the broadcast of our leader @MaziNnamdiKanu He told @atiku That he shouldnt contest, that he will be disgraced, now what’s happening, @OfficialAPCNg Just confirm the word by telling tribunal that @atiku Is not a Nigerian what a disgrace to him.

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