Nicolas Cage Seeks Divorce 4 Days After Getting Married

Nicholas Cage

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Indications are strong that Nicolas Cage has filed for an annulment, 4 days after getting married to Erika Koike.

According to TMZ, court records obtained says Nicolas Cage is already tired and sick of the marriage. Nicolas Cage and Erika Koike tied the knot on Saturday, March 23, 2019, in Las Vegas, the same day they applied for a marriage license, Pulse Nigeria reports.

According to TMZ, by Wednesday, March 27, 2019, Nicolas Cage was already fed up with marriage, so he went back to the judge to ask for an order indicating that the marriage never happened.

Prior to this short union, Nicolas Cage had been married thrice to Alice Kim, Lisa Marie Presley, and Patricia Arquette. Well, we’ve seen celebrity couples come out openly to announce their separation and in some rare cases, these guys find a way to get together.

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Recall that Cardi B announced that she was splitting from husband, Offset few months back. However, weeks later, the two came back together and even stronger.

Back in 2018, Cardi B announced that she had ended her marriage with Offset just a year after their marriage. The rapper shared the sad news on her Instagram page on Tuesday, November 4, 2018. According to her, they had fallen out of love, hence the decision to call it quits.

”I have been trying to work things out with my baby father and we are really good friends and business partners and we’ve got a lot of love for each other…things haven’t been working out between us for a long time and it’s nobody’s fault. I don’t know it might take time to get a divorce and I am always going to love him forever because he is my daughter’s father,” she said.

Cardi B and Offset got married in 2017 and welcomed their first child together, Kulture in July 2018

The two got back together a few months later and have remained committed to making their marriage work.

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