NBTE Assents to New Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic

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NBTE Assents to New Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic

Following the visit of the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) to Akwa Ibom, education in the State is set to receive a boost with the birth of the Ibom Metropolitan Polytechnic, a 5-star private tertiary institution which promises to offer top-notch instructional services for the advancement of education in the State and beyond.

Ibom Metropolitan Polytechnic, a day institution located at Atan Offot, beside the State Secretariat in Uyo, the State Capital will resume academic session fully when the certificate of accreditation is issued by the NBTE.

It features include an e-library with free internet connectivity to aid students’ in research and assignments; spacious classrooms for learning, secure and safe learning environment, a computer laboratory for students of electrical electronic engineering, workshops for various entrepreneurial skills and state of arts equipment for learning and is distant-learning inclined.

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Coming from the reins of Dr. Victor EU Williams, Promoter and Founder of Ibom Metropolitan Polytechnic, the institution is his intellectual initiative to meet the educational and economic needs of the State and Country.

Speaking with newsmen following the NTBE accreditation, Dr Victor Williams disclosed that the Polytechnic was conceived mentally in 2001 when he realized that a lot of people in the State were unemployed for lack of relevant technical skills needed in major industries of the State and nation.

“When I discovered this lapse, I thought it expedient to set up a place where the youths can be built up with skills that can build the economy. Some of our youths read and are still reading courses that are not useful. What we need is something that can help the society grow productivity, meaning we need skills first, before credentials. So, our focus is to groom students to be 60% skilled in their respective fields and blend it up with 40% theories. This 60% will include skills such as welding and fabrication, photography, fashion designing, office technology, computer operations, hairdressing, catering ant etc”, he noted, adding that “every child would love to be educated where they can see and carry out practicals”, the Proprietor said.

Recalling the long walk to getting accredited and the efforts made by the school to meet the required criteria, Dr. Williams informed that they were able to satisfy and surpass the NBTE’s demands.

“The school has a lot more up-to-date facilities and modern equipments. When the team came and went round, they congratulated us for doing well in terms of infrastructure, equipment, laboratories, workshops and all the new gadgets one can think of in a typical Polytechnic. This was made known by the Executive Secretary of NBTE, represented by Dr. Ekpenyong”, he stated, hinting that the faculties of Electrical Engineering, Electrical Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Statistics, and Accountancy have been fully accredited.

The scholar called on indigenes and non-indigenes of the state to tap into the schools’ goodwill and endowment, while maintaining that lots of departments and courses will be introduced when the school comes on stream. He also urged members of the host community to welcome and identify with the new development which he said will add value to them intellectually, academically, socially, and economically.

“The prospect is to become one of the largest Polytechnics in Akwa Ibom State; to be able to deliver that excellence in academics and produce a workforce that will be productive in the society”, Dr. Williams maintained.