Nadia Buari Says Sex, and Having a Child Won’t Make a Man Stay

Nadia Buari
Nadia Buari

Priscilla Christopher

Nadia Buari, a screen goddess, has noted that tying a man down with a child or keeping his bed warm, will not make a man maintain a relationship except he wants to.

The Ghanaian actress bared her mind on her Instagram handle on Saturday, March 2, when she posted: “Only a man who wants to be in a relationship can be made to stay in one. Trying to pin him down with a baby may not work”.

According to, She does not think the availability of intimacy or a baby for that matter can motivate him to be committed if he is not thinking in that direction.

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From Nadia Buari post, it was gathered that she had just gotten off the phone with her friend who appear to be in a dilemma concerning how to sustain her relationship.

According to her post, the buddy is considering getting off pills in order to be able to conceive a child. Hopefully that will help steer the ship in her favour but the actress does not trust in the move.

“ I just got off the fon with a childhood friend of mine who’s having relationship issues and feels her last resort is to get off the pills and have a baby for him,”

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