“My Father’s Name Has Opened Doors for Me” – Pa James’ Son

Samuel Olasehinde
Pa James' son, Samuel Olasehinde

Nollywood actor and screen writer, Samuel Olasehinde, who is son of veteran actor, Pa James has revealed the influence of his father’s name in his career. In a recent interview, Samuel who started acting at age five revealed that his father’s name has opened many doors for him.

Many Nigerians remember Ajirebi Olasehinde, who is popularly known as Pa James. The 61-year-old comedy actor was one of the faces that ruled Nollywood in its early age. In fact, Pa James and his colleagues of that period did a lot to shape the industry which has now blossomed following the addition of new talents and better educationally exposed young actors including his son, Samuel.

However, based on Samuel’s latest interview, his career kicked off because of the influence of his father and the weight his name carried in the industry. Speaking to Saturday beats, he said: “As a child, my parents helped me regulate my school activities as an actor because there were times when my activities as an actor almost affected my school work. As a child, I was really outspoken and expressive. My father’s name has opened doors for me. Even on my social media platform, his nickname is fixed to my name; it gives me a special identity. His name is one of the wonderful capitals that God has given me to start my career”

The 26-year-old actor also revealed that although he studied law, he always liked the arts.

“Even though I studied law at the university, I was always seen at the Department of Dramatic Arts. I studied law for the sake of knowledge and exposure.” He said.

Speaking on the evolution of Nollywood, he revealed that things have become better and actors are held to a higher standard. “A lot of things have changed in the industry compared to the time when I was a child; the industry is now more competitive and economically marketable”.

There are more talents in the industry, there are no ‘customised’ roles for anyone, and an actor must strive to stay on top of their game. In the past, actors could afford to perform badly and still believe that producers would still call them, but things have changed. The storytelling technique has also changed; it has more influence on the society than before.” He stated.

Source: Legit.ng

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