“Mbiam” Saga: Ini Council Chairman denies involvement

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“Mbiam” Saga: Ini Council Chairman denies involvement

The Executive Chairman of Ini Local Government Area, Rt Hon Israel Idasin has condemned in strong terms the recent media attack on his person by a group of persons in the society.

The Council Boss who reacted to the allegation of administering oath,” Mbiam” in a video recording by one Hon Ubong George through a press statement by his Media Aide, Mr Ndifreke Johnson said such allegation was an attempt to smear the character the Chairman.

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He said the attention of Hon Idasin has been drawn to some spurious allegations against him on the social media space and also on a private radio program recently for being involved in a fetish act in order to gain support from his people in the last local government election in the state, describing it as a cheep blackmail.

He noted that the video shows the swollen leg of a faceless and nameless individual while the said Ubong George made the commentary levelling several allegations on Rt. Hon Israel Idaisin and concluded by saying that he, Rt. Hon. Idaisin, should go and buy guns and bullets to kill him (Ubong George) before he thinks about contesting for the State House of Assembly elections come 2023.

The statement reads in parts,”we want to state categorically, that the allegations in the said video are unfounded and entirely the handwork of the political opponents of Rt. Hon. Israel Idaisin, who have chosen to resort to cheap political blackmail to gain the sympathy of the populace by paying the said Ubong George and his accessories to ruin the image of Rt. Hon. Israel Idaisin against the backdrop of the 2023 elections”.

He further stressed that the allegation of administering mbiam is devoid of any iota of truth as the Executive Chairman has never, personally or through any person, administered any form of oath to anybody whatsoever, neither did he delegate the said Ubong George to do so, especially considering the fact that the said Ubong George does hold any political office apart from being a former councilor and does not have the capacity to politically influence the decision of voters in any given election. 

According to him, the said video, Ubong George carefully avoided showing the face or mentioning the name of the alleged victim of the said ‘mbiam’.
Johnson advised the general public to disregard and discountenance such allegation and assured that the matter has been reported to relevant security agencies for proper investigations in order to unravel what he called high-powered conspiracy and to bring to book the said Ubong George, who is currently at large, and his faceless and nameless partners in this image-tarnishing and libelous spree.

“We urge the general public to disregard and discountenance the said video/audio publication as same is misleading, misguiding, deceitful and intended to ruin the hard-earned reputation of Rt. Hon. Israel Idaisin”.