Man rapes 6-month-old baby with wife’s support

News Society Watch

A Kano State-based businessman has been arrested by the Kano State Police Command for allegedly raping a six months old baby with the full support of his wife who held the infant down for him.

According to Aishat Alubankudi, a human rights activist who reported the sordid incident, the baby girl identified as Khadijah Bashir was defiled by the man who is the husband of her mother’s friend.

Alubankudi who narrated how the incident happened, said the man and his wife had been childless since they got married and in their quest for a baby, they visited a native doctor who advised the husband to sleep with a six-month-old girl for them to have kids.

So the wife went to her friend’s house and took the infant on the pretext of looking after her and when she got home, she reportedly held the baby’s legs for husband while he was raping her.

Alubankudi noted that she has visited the baby in the hospital and that the suspect who is a very influential man, has hired 10 lawyers to defend him in court.

The traumatized baby is being treated at a hospital in Kano after undergoing surgery.