Love Gone Cold: Man Forgets Wife of 11 Years in Hospital because of Cancer

Man Abandons Wife

Priscilla Christopher

A man (name withheld) has abandoned his wife of 11 years in the hospital after she had undergone a breast cancer surgery in which she had a mastectomy.

According to the story shared on Twitter by Zahra Zaraa Danejo, the man didn’t want to stay with a deformed woman.

She wrote: “Friend of mine had a mastectomy Cos of breast cancer and her husband of 11 years left her at the hospital because “he couldn’t stay with a deformed woman”.

She went on: “I get upset every time I think about it. “Deformed” like she was some piece of equipment that’s no longer useful. After 11 years he just discarded her like an old toy.

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I get even more upset when I think about how she would have been scorned and bullied if she was the one who left him in a hospital, after cancer surgery.”

The Tweet did trigger some responses, one of which was from another user identified as @MologadiRachuen, who opened up about how she was unceremoniously kicked out of her matrimonial home by her husband.

She wrote: “My husband’s phone has been off since Sunday, I was away on work. I came back home to find my stuff at the balcony. Our pictures deleted on his Instagram. House locks changed. No warning. It’s okay”

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