Brides Abandon Wedding Receptions for Final Exams

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Last Saturday at the Benue State University in Makurdi, two final-year female students were spotted at the front seat of the scheduled exam hall, writing their final year examinations in their wedding gowns.

Reports have it that the brides had to abandon their respective wedding receptions, bridal trains and husbands, to take part in the COM 402: Media Law and Ethics exams.

At the examination hall, their presence was greeted by cheers and applauds from their colleagues, including the course lecturer, Dr. Benjamin Ogbu, who explained that “the timetable for the exam was planned before their weddings were fixed and interestingly, it happened to fall on the same date, which is Saturday, 7th April, 2018”.

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He explained that “Since the exam couldn’t be shifted, the two brides left their various reception venues to the exam hall in their gowns. I was with the deputy vice chancellor (Academic), when both brides stormed the examination hall”.

He expressed that he was surprised to see them come for the exams. “I was very surprised seeing them. In fact, the Deputy Vice Chancellor was in the hall with me and he saw them. It was a moment of joy for all of us students and lecturers.

Dr. Ogbu also felicitated with the brides by saying that the Department was happy that they were getting married and graduating on the same day with a huge commitment shown to the two options.

Being both the course lecturer, and member of the University’s Examination Monitoring team, he explained that wedding ceremonies and other socials do not interrupt the University academic calendar, except such is decided by the school authorities.

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