Industrialization – Eight-Point Completion Agenda Series (01)


Still gearing momentum on the GetItRight Campaign on Government Policies, Programmes and Projects, Team Get It Right is commencing the series on the components of the Eight Point Completion Agenda of the second term administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel.

This is premier edition is on the industrialization strides of the State’s Chief Executive.

Ever wondered the reason Governor Udom Emmanuel goes with the fond sobriquet – “Mr. Industrialization”? It is because of his passion and commitment towards the industrialization of Akwa Ibom State.

✔️ Industrialization is one of the cardinal pillars in the Eight Point Completion Agenda of Governor Udom Emmanuel.

✔️ Industrialization is a priority sector in the development matrix of the Governor for the people of the state.                                

✔️ The premium on industrialization has made the Sector to remain a recurring decimal in the christening of the State budgets. Let’s refresh:

         ☑️ The 1999 budget of Akwa Ibom State was christened, “Budget of          Industrialization for Poverty Alleviation.

         ☑️ The 2020 budget is christened “Budget of Industrialization for Poverty Alleviation” Phase II, predicated primarily on the rapid industrialization of the state.

✔️ The Industrialization vision of Governor Udom Emmanuel is to build an industrialized state away from the Civil Service mono-economy, targeting job creation, wealth creation and poverty alleviation.

✔️ The target here is to build more industries and attract huge volumes of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) to the State by Governor Udom Emmanuel

✔️ So far, Governor Udom Emmanuel has at the last count, brought on stream, over 18 industries which are producing consumables for the people, in keeping with the Governor’s commitment to ensuring that 80% of consumables will be produced in the state by the end of his administration in 2023.

✔️ Under the Industrialization-drive, Akwa Ibom State prides itself as home to:

     ☑️ Jubilee Syringe.

     ☑️ Electric Metering Solutions manufacturing company

     ☑️ Lions Plywood and Timber factory

     ☑️ Ibom Agricon Rice mill,         

     ☑️ SACAM Afro Processing Rice Mill,

     ☑️ Greenwell Fertilizer blending company.

     ☑️ Virgin Coconut oil Refinery

     ☑️ Kings Flour mill

     ☑️ Ufani Palm Kernel Crushing Plant        

     ☑️ Plastic industry

     ☑️Toothpick industry

     ☑️ Pencils industry

     ☑️ Toilet paper industry

     ☑️ Starch industry

     ☑️ Coconut Refinery             

     ☑️ Ibom Industrial Park/Jetty

     ☑️ Ibom paints

     ☑️ Oil and Gas plant

     ☑️ ongoing Ibom Deep Seaport

✔️ Governor Udom Emmanuel has provided an enabling environment to boost industrialization such as: Power, good network of roads, security, friendly investment policies as well as peaceful environment.

✔️ The Industrialization sector has opened up numerous value chain opportunities for the people, generated jobs, both direct and indirectly to the teeming youths of the State, and as well created wealth and alleviated poverty amongst the people of the state.

More to come.

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