Udom@54: Peace, Security and Religious Inclination


In his commitment towards turning around the fortunes of the State in all sectors, Governor Udom Emmanuel has remained resolute in his reverence to God, the source of his inspiration and strength while also embarking on strategic actions for the maintenance of peace and security in the state.

While people may take for granted these very important variables in the catalogue of achievements, it is worthy to note that, no single investor would have come to Akwa Ibom State to plough and sink millions of hard earned currency into erection of gigantic turn key projects if peace and security were lacking and without such display of principles and virtues like, integrity, Transparency, Prudence and Accountability, which could only be found under the Stewardship God-fearing leaders, such, in the mould of Governor Udom Emmanuel.

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It is a truism that, in the Third World, any review of political stewardship almost always begins and ends with tangible achievements. People focus permanently on infrastructure and other physical projects, forgetting the underlying elements like peace and security and good neighbourliness which are key for the thriving of economic activities and development. This short sightedness in the clamour to see and touch is understandably so, because of the promise and fail nature of successive administrations. Other than these physical achievements, what else can doubting Thomases see and touch?

However, in Akwa Ibom state, with an accountant and banker, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, in the saddle as Governor  since 2015, things have not been exactly one-way. There has been an alarming excitement about the last five years administration, with people pointing at infrastructure, at industries, at Ibom Air as well as at political inclusion, peace, security and religious inclination which are major milestones by the Governor.

There is no gainsaying that, for anyone elected to an executive office, infrastructure and sundry hard achievements are a given. Therefore soft achievements like integration, peace, security, total commitment to God, the fundamental yardstick of governance, deserve commendation and applause. Regrettable some people leave them unseen and unsong.  But quite frankly, the Akwa Ibom state number one citizen has changed the landscape with the tremendous value he has added in this regard, making him tower high above his contemporaries, with no good second.

The incredible peace  the people have continued to enjoy since 2015 is unimaginable without any iota of bloodletting, kidnapping and armed robbery, especially with the ban on Cultism in the state, provision of facilities like patrol vehicles to Security agencies to enhance their operations in the state and the vigorous ethical and Re-orientation campaigns to change the negative values of the people towards morality and good ethical conduct and practices. Mr. Emmanuel’s strategy is simple: ensures justice, unity, access, love and political inclusion.

One other area the Governor has been phenomenal is the matter of faith. Governor Udom Emmanuel has given God the pride of place in the state openly and cheerfully with Government House, Uyo, now seen as a church. Christian programmes are a regular feature of the state government time-line. This has further galvanised the people who hitherto found it difficult to speak with one voice.

During the 2019 general elections, the Governor was rewarded with a speedy harvest as the people massively bought his electioneering mantra, Only God, by reelecting him with a moonslide. When the tribunal, appeal court and supreme court sealed the electoral victory,  the nooks and crannies of the state broke into wild celebrations that lasted nearly a fortnight. Of course, Governor Emmanuel had since gone ahead to extend the olive branch to the opposition and draw them into the governance processes.

Notable too, among the unsung attributes of Governor Udom Emmanuel is his peaceable mien and restrained speech, which are virtues every leader and potential leader should emulate. In five years, Governor Emmanuel has  remained himself, and one hopes there would be no departure in the remaining three.

The tremendous achievements so far recorded, are definitely attributable to the relative peace and security now enjoyed in the state, as well as the deep rooted belief in the guidance of God, standing out Governor Udom Emmanuel as a pride to both God and man.