Nsidibe Akpan

Wife of Nsima Ekere, governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has said she will surpass the records her predecessors if her husband is voted into power.

She said this during the campaign flag off of the APC at the Uyo Township stadium on Monday, January 21.

According to her, none of the past first ladies performed above average as a result of poor implementation of their husband’s manifestos and programmes.

She boasted of her prowess and cognate abilities to perform better: “Akwa Ibom women have you seen me? I will be your first lady. I’ll do better than the former first lady and others before. Whatever she did, I have the capacity to do more.” She said.

She further stated “I promise to work with you people as partner not as a boss. Not as a slave master, but with empathy and kindness”, she stated.