Group says Nsima Ekere wants to rig election

Group Petitions Ekere To EFCC


Priscilla Christopher

A socio-political group known as Akwa Ibom Redemption Frontiers and based in Ikot Abasi Local Government Area has written to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to probe the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Nsima Ekere on issues bothering on fraud.

A statement signed by the group and made available to newsmen on Wednesday, February 27, reads: “in line with President Muhammadu Buhari’s commitment to fight corruption, we hereby call on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to investigate the role of Mr. Nsima Ekere who is Managing Director of Niger Delta Development Commission and APC governorship candidate in Akwa Ibom state in defrauding Akwa Ibom government and people of their shares in the state-owned Universal Energy Resources Limited”.

The grouped pressed on the EFCC to demand answers from the governorship candidate on the following questions:

1. What happened to the 51% shares that Akwa Ibom State Government had in Universal Energy?

2. What relationship does he have with Septa Energy known to have later shortchanged the Akwa Ibom state government vis-à-vis its investment?

3. What led to Universal Energy changing its name to Seven Energy at his instance?

4. What is his relationship with Mr. Philip Iheanacho of Septa Energy alongside Mr. Jide Omokore as well as Mr. Kola Aluko who was Managing Director of Septa Energy?

5. What interest does he have in Qua Iboe Gas Plant in Ibeno, a completely private investment that he got then Gov. Akpabio to spend millions of dollars, with both of them as shareholders?

6. Why was Akwa Ibom State Government’s 51% shares in Universal Energy when he was Executive Chairman of AKIIPOC reduced to 20% by the time he left office?

7. What business interest and relationship does he have with these companies that he used to dupe the Akwa Ibom state government and buy off the shares in Universal Energy: Stallionet Limited, Zawadi Investment Nigeria Limited, Acrevine Nigeria Limited, Castlepines Property Limited, Engineer Hayatu Z. Abubakar, Nisa Oil & Gas Nigeria Limited, Casue Nigeria Limited, Toledote Consult Limited, Latorra Energy Limited, Septa Energy Nigeria Limited, Mutual Crown Investment Limited, Creek Tower Limited, Konokonics Ventures Nigeria Limited, Grandbond Integrated Services Limited, Donarson Services Limited, Workstation Limited, Sartoria Ventures and Stallion Business Systems etc.?

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8. What did he do that Chief Godswill Akpabio as governor had to stop a Universal Energy Annual General Meeting, AGM, in January of 2014 from holding until he was briefed on ‘what is going on’ in the company?

9. Why was the then governor angry with him that his ‘cut’ of $20million earlier promised him as part of his share of the embezzlement was not given to him?

10. The Stubb Creek Oil Field started producing about 3000bpd of crude oil from 2014. Where is the money and who are those benefitting from the sale of crude drilled from the oil field?

11. The Stubb Creek Oil Field in Mbo has been producing crude oil since 2014 through 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Where are the revenues derived from the over 1.86million barrel of oil drilled annually for the past five years?

12. What role did he play in changing the shareholders structure of the company on March 31st, 2008?

The group called on the EFCC to invite Mr. Nsima Ekere to give answers to the above questions, adding that “a man aspiring to the office of governor should come clean. The people deserve to know the history of the man aspiring to control their common patrimony”.

They also stated their readiness to provide relevant documents which will enable the Commission succeed in its investigation on Nsima Ekere. “We call on the EFCC to invite Mr. Nsima Ekere to give answers to these questions and many more that we shall be asking him in the days ahead. We are ready to provide the EFCC with all relevant documents to assist the anti-corruption agency do its job effectively in line with its mandate”, the statement read.

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