Ex-militants Demand Sack of Acting NDDC Boss

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Former Militants in Niger Delta are set to stage a protest against the confirmation of the acting managing director of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Prof Nelson Brambaifa, if he does not improve on his bid.

The repentant militants on Monday, May 20, doubted Brambaifa’s ability to manage the commission and called on President Buhari to replace him with another who has their interest at heart.

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Speaking in Yenogoa, under the aegis of Leadership, Peace and Cultural Development Initiative, the former Militants, through their leader, Pastor Reuben Wilson, said that the ex-militants were not happy with Brambaifa’s style of leadership, adding that “he is not fit to be managing director of NDDC because as managing director of NDDC, you are expected to be connected to the people and know what is going on so that you can tackle the problems. That office is our own office, it belongs to everyone in Niger Delta, we are expecting him to see everybody as one. It is wrong for the managing director to cause division in NDDC and in the region”, he said.

He related the groups’ demand for a change in the NDDC leadership, adding that it was for the same reason the Ijaw Youth Congress (IYC) “recently passed a vote of no confidence on him”.

Wilson maintained that the group has observed the play-out of events since the appointment of Brambaifa and concluded that there would be crisis if things “are left to continue like this”.

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