Flood Over-takes Pa James Home

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Following the heavy downpour in Lagos on Sunday, some houses around the Oke Isagun community of Oke Odo Local Government Area in Lagos, were overtaken by flood, including that of comical actor, Ajirebi Olasehinde, popularly known as Pa James in Papa Ajasco.

Scene of the flood

Taking to his Instagram page to showcase the eyesore, his son, Samuel Ajirebi, who visited the area on Monday, May 20, wondered if there was really a government for the people in that vicinity.

He lamented the deplorable condition of the area caused by the overflooded canal behind the street, and pitied the stress his aged father was being put through as a result.

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He said: “Seriously sad right now, I get to think at times that, are we sure we have a government in this country?

“Look at what I met on going to visit my family today, a flooded house due to the overflowing canal behind our street.

“To make matters worse, no one was at home to save my dad, so the old man and I had to be saving properties and scooping water out of the house!

The actor’s son who noted that it has been 10 years since they have been calling the government’s attention to the area, again called on the Governor and Governor-elect of Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode, and Babajide Sanwo-olu, respectively, to see to the area’s plight and save them from the constant loss of properties characterized by the rainy season.

“This year makes it ten years of repeated and consistent occurrence of this with severe damages done annually to properties, at times leading to temporary displacement!

“Letters have been written, appearances made, press releases written, still no significant step taken by the government to channel the overrunning canal.

“We need governmental intervention in Oke Isagun Community of Oke Odo LGA.

 “This is sad and heartbreaking.

“This is not a sympathy plea for anything, but a call to the state and local government authorities of Lagos (@akinwunmiambode and @jidesanwoolu), Oke Odo LGA respectively to please wake up to your responsibility and stop making citizens suffer in neglect.”