Completion Agenda, Jubilee Syringe Factory

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During the commissioning of the Jubilee Syringe Factory in September 2017, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo described Governor Udom Emmanuel as one of the cleverest persons he has ever known.

Governor Emmanuel has made significant progress towards diversifying the economy of Akwa Ibom from its civil service orientation to an industrial economy. This he has done by creating an enabling environment to attract investors.

Evidence is seen in the large number of industries and small-scale enterprises springing up in the state.  No wonder Akwa Ibom was listed as number two state in Nigeria for Foreign Direct Investment by the National Bureau of Statistics. 

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The factory has not only created employment opportunities for youths, but has also made Akwa Ibom/Nigeria an exporter of syringes, thereby improving the economy of Akwa Ibom and Nigeria in general The Jubilee Syringe Factory is the largest in Africa and produces 350million syringes annually, which surpasses that of South Africa with a production capacity of 93 million.