Udom@54: Milestones in Roads and Other Infrastructure

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Despite the shrink in the economy in line with the current economic realities, the campaign promises made by Governor Udom Emmanuel, particularly in the construction of economically viable roads across the state, have continued unencumbered to the shocking of cynics, skeptics and nay sayers.

To this end, Road infrastructure has continued to receive attention, recording the construction of over 1700 kilometers of roads within a period of four years. Other infrastructural facilities have also received a boost within the time frame such as: drainages and the construction of 40 bridges. All the roads within the Uyo capital city, the inter Local government roads as well as the inter-state roads are constructed with strict adherence to international best practices for sustainability.

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It could be recalled that the Nsikak Eduok Avenue from the Oron road axis, was more of an artificial river before government intervention. The IBB avenue leading to the State Secretariat was another web of menace before remedial measures were put in place for the benefit of movement by commuters and other road users.

More so, a menacing erosion which threatened residents of part of the capital city along Etim Usanga, off Nwaniba road, received prompt attention of the compassionate Governor Udom Emmanuel-led administration.

A spectacular project under the Road infrastructure of Governor Udom Emmanuel is the ongoing 12- lane carriageway  Ibaka Super highway, a superlative project of international reckoning, which leads to the Ibom Deep Sea Port, IDSP. The Road at completion will provide access to the Sea Port with linkages to and from four LGAs of Eket, Ibeno, Mbo, Udung Uko and Oron. The super highway will also ease movement of commuters to the Ibom Deep Sea Port from Uyo through the Okopedi highway to Oron and into the Superhighway.

For Uyo metropolis, Governor Udom Emmanuel is working assiduously on the Road master plan to ease traffic congestion. This much explains the contruction of Ring Road 2 to link road users to Abak road from Oron Road and Aka road. From Aka junction, motorists will be able to  access Abak Road through a well constructed dual carriageway, without any trafic congestion.

Governor Udom Emmanuel is also constructing Ring Road 3, to decongest Oron road. The dualized 3rd Ring road will link commuters to Nwaniba Road, by the left as well as Aka and Abak Roads by the right, hence, decongesting the log jam challenge to the dwellers of Shelther Afrique and the environs. Still within the Uyo metropolis, the Governor is working assiduously to link communities with good network of roads. So far, over 100 roads have been constructed within the Uyo capital city through Direct labour. 40 of the roads have been completed while 60 are still ongoing.

Further more, streets in Shelter Afrique, Mbiabong, Ifa Ikot Okpon, Akpasak Estate, Osongama Estate, Housing Extension, Anua Offot, Oniong Offot, Atan Offot, Akpa Ube hub, Ewet Housing Estate, Itam Market, Afaha community, Aka Community and the once abandoned Uyo Village have all  recieved massive face lift in terms of construction of intra Roads network.

Governor Udom Emmanuel is also making impressive records on the construction of inter-state roads such as: the Nto-Edino – Ekwarazu Road, which links up Akwa Ibom with Abia State from the Obot Akara axis, while also  constructing the  Obotme – Arochukwu Road, to link Ini LGA with the Northern part of Abia State. The Governor further constructed the Ikot Ibritam Road in Oruk Anam that connects Akwa Ibom with Rivers State.The gains in the construction of the inter-State highways are quite numerous  For instance with Abia State not having a functional Airport, Abia air travellers will now patronize the Victor Attah international Airport through the road attraction which in turn will boost the IGR of Akwa Ibom state.

Notable too is the fact that, Abia and Imo  states do not have functional beaches, the connecting inter-state roads, will also serve as attraction to bring residents of these two states to Akwa Ibom during festive periods to savour the rich cultural heritage and beautiful recreational endowments of the state such as: the sprawling sand beaches along the coastal lines of Ibeno and Oron as well as the breathtaking luxurious Golf Resort at the Ibom Hotels in Nwaniba.

Worthy of note too is that, Governor Udom Emmanuel’s midas touch is also felt on inter- Local Government roads. There are the  Secretariat Road in Udung Uko which connects Oron to Urueffong-Uruko, the Awa – Asong Road connecting Mkpat Enin to Onna  and  Ndon – Eyo Odii Road which connects Onna to Eket. Others are: the Ibeno Local Government Area- Ikot Ibritam – Ikot Ekafe Road connecting Ukanafun to Oruk Anam local government area; the Ibiaku Uruan- Ndue-tong Road connecting Uruan, Itu and Uyo local government areas and the Ibaka Superhighway linking Ibeno, Mbo, Udung Uko and Oron local government areas, among others.

The story of the superlative performance of Governor Udom Emmanuel will not be completed without the mention of the dualized Uyo-Ikot Ekpene road opening access to the Four Point by Sheraton, the Etinan-Eket road and the 680m span ongoing Ikot Oku Flyover which have all been visited by the State Government Information Management Team, with the assurance that, the completion of all these projects are on sight as contractors are intensifying work at the different sites.

The array of economically viable roads, including dual carriage ways provided for the people, have not only enhanced easy movement and transportation of goods and services but have stimulated economic activities and attract patronage from nighbouring states to the rich natural endowments and facilities of Akwa Ibom state, gingering the glorious song that the right man, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, came at the right time.