British Commission reacts to the dead of Miss Faye Mooney

British Commission Reacts to Death of Citizen Killed in Kaduna


The British Commission has reacted to the killing of one of its national, Miss Faye Mooney, by gunmen in Kaduna.

This was contained in a statement on its official Twitter page on Sunday, April 21.

The deceased who was a staff of Mercy Corps, Nigeria, was killed alongside one other person during their recreation moment at the Kajuru Castle Resort, while 3 others were abducted.

In its post, the Commission sympathized with Nigeria on the unfortunate incident and said that the deceased next-of-kin has been informed of the development.

However, reactions have trailed the post from concerned persons, with some blaming the occurrence on Nigeria’s government. 

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Below is the post and comments from people:


We are aware of the tragic incident involving the death of a British national in Kaduna State on Friday. The next-of-kin has been notified. The British High Commission offers our most profound sympathies and condolences to the families and friends at this difficult time.


Replying to @UKinNigeria

Our condolences to the family of Faye Mooney killed in Kaduna on Friday. We are deeply sorry that Nigeria Government seems to be incapable to defeat terrorism in Nigeria because of corruption in the military-who has commercialised the fight against insurgency across the North.


Replying to @UKinNigeria

You guys are not serious, because it affects your own… So all this while we’ve been crying about the killings in kaduna, you guys actually thinks it was a joke?


Rufus.. The UK is not your govt. Hold your state govt accountable, not a foreign govt. I think you need more civic education 🤦🏻‍♀️


His comment weak me sef.. Why anyone would think a foreign govt is responsible for security baffles me. Please educate him some more.


You can go ahead and educate me, they are not responsible for security that I know, but you can’t dispute the fact that they have a role to play..


Ummm, Nigeria is a sovereign nation, so what role exactly?


Refuse entry into UK, US and other Western country of senior government officials and others whose actions and inactions contributes to the security challenges, support training of our military personnel.


Rufus have you ever written a petition to your state government? Have you directly ever held them to account? Charity begins at home bro


Yah, I know… I wasn’t expecting them to act in anyway different. As for my state government/Governor, he is a disaster. Leadership is zero. Bad governance in this part trickle down from the top to the bottom. End of conversation


Our condolence to @UKinNigeria and the family of the victim. #insecurity


@UKinNigeria @cchukudebelu


Most of the comments on this platform are as unfortunate as the situation, this should be a time to sympathise with the victims and their families. May the Almighty grant their souls eternal rest.


The body bag threat  is on.  God help Nigeria


Replying to @UKinNigeria

She suppose to know that northern states are not safe


My condolences, why would a British citizen go to Kaduna and other kidnap prone areas in the north?


Who the f*ck goes to Nigeria for a holiday???


Where does it say she went there for a holiday?


May her soul rest in peace in Jesus Mighty Name Amen