Before Oro Nation Get me wrong

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Before Oro Nation Get me wrong

Following my reaction to the varying outbursts made by my Oro brethren on the controversial Seaport project, it has become necessary to set the narratives straight lest my message is misconstrued.

I had said in the opening paragraphs of my previous piece that Oro Nation have been penchant in their quest for acclaimed injustice “with due respect to the handful of exceptions there”.

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These exceptions – the likes of the Secretary to the State Government, Dr. Emmanuel Ekuwem; Sen. Akon Eyakenyi, who’s demonstrated passionate and committed representation; Orman Esin, a technocrat per excellence; Otu Ita Toyo, former State Chairman of the PDP and others who’ve earned a name as peace makers and development agitates in reality, can never be abased or found carrying placards of whatever you call injustice. The SSG and Senator for Eket especially, are integral part of the government and have made sufficient engagements with the people and those who do not want to accept are the petition merchants.

As a matter of fact, if indeed, things have fallen apart for the third largest ethnic group in Akwa Ibom (as they claim), the above-mentioned names would have spoken up first. Afterall, they stand better chances of being heard by virtue of their proximity, ties and relationship; but they have not. It therefore means that these persons are not just satisfied with the activities of government but actively following the painstaking efforts of the State Government which is aimed at the overall good of everyone. Even when the University was taken out, they did not react because they knew that the development of the state is paramount and superior, and is never the sole entitlement of anyone.

So, rather than sing in divided voices, “the other mould” of Oro Nation should as a matter of necessity look up to her models, seek their advice and exercise civility, than turn into a petition-churning republic where their collective reputation is damaged.

I have said it earlier and elsewhere that this issue of petitions on micro interests, slow down development for the larger populace.

How come Akwa Ibom State University of technology billed for campuses in Eastern obolo and Ibeno was relocated to a Oruk Anam and Mkpat Enin and we had no protests from Ibeno nation or Eastern obolo nation and those campuses are admitting students of Akwa Ibom state from all the local government areas of the state and even beyond and bringing development to the state? Why is it that issues of name change and adjustments based on privileged positions of superior information by government should be issues that would cause us to derail the progress of a project that will bring us unprecedented economic development?  It’s very disturbing and I believe that those who are championing this understand that they are laying a foundation of divisiveness which generations unborn will come to inherit.

Meanwhile, Oro Nation has quite a number of projects to call its own courtesy of the present administration. Ibaka still has the industrial City Project and in few days time, the governor will be there to lay the foundation for the commencement of the NNPC logistics centre Project, including several others. So, their false alarm of being deprived is laughable and only points at their self-created artificial barriers because; when you try to alienate yourself from the larger Akwa Ibom public, it breeds distrust and should be discouraged.

Government makes policies and adjustments, based on realities on ground, that doesn’t mean that people should go and discourage the prospective investors. Writing petitions directly to the prospective investors is anti Akwa Ibom and should be discouraged and condemned.