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…At exactly 9 am the next day, a pack of journalists gathered at the gate of the Honourable member representing Kura constituency. Some prepared their video cameras and recorders while some held their pen and palm notes, reading to draft a striking lead for their various media houses.

They were all discussing amongst themselves while some stared at the gate as though they could see through it, anticipating anxiously to fire the first round of questions.

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The dogs barked angrily at the visitors at the gate but the pressmen with noses for news did not compromise their stand. They needed a story urgently for the news at noon.

Honourable Dickson eventually emerged from the house alongside his wife, Maria Dickson who was in a Manchester United’s jersey and a blue track trouser. The sport wares clinched to her frame, exposing her endowed burst that you could see her nipples. Mr. Dickson was in a white agbada with his party’s cap on his head. He had already informed his wife to stay put indoor for safety reasons.

After planting a kiss on his wife’s lips, he set to squat in the black Spider whose door had already been opened to him, the gateman hurriedly informed him of the visitors at the gate. He aborted his action and walked majestically towards the gate.

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Immediately the gate slid open, the lousy pressmen who were ever alert became rowdy; cameras snapping and videotapes beeping as they took turns to question him.

“A beautiful morning to you Rt. Honourable Dickson Adi. We will like to have your side of the story making the rounds yesterday on what transpired at the State House of Assembly and also confirm your allegation of Mr Bawa posing a threat to your life.” one journalist fired.

The already smiling House member cleared his throat thrice and began in his media-like baritone voice, “uhhh… Just as you know, we held a session yesterday which was adjourned to today following the scenario that played out when the motion I moved was rejected by Hon. Bawa and his party members who hold majority in the House. I moved the motion that a bill be passed restricting the tenure of the Governor of our state to six years. This bill when signed into law will guarantee equal opportunity for everyone and will put every governor that comes on his feet. Governors will not promise us white elephant projects and longer considering the time frame.” He landed.

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“There are speculations that the Mirror party which is also the ruling party at the centre, is planning to withdraw your security details. What do you have to say about this? Another journalist hook his turn.

“Well, I don’t know about that. But if that eventually happens, the people know who to hold responsible if anything happens to me.”

“Thank you for your audience, Hon. Adi.” They watched as he squat into the car heading to the House of Assembly.

That very sunny afternoon when Manny who went to interact with some of the policemen returned, his face was somewhat quizzing. “Anything positive?” I asked.

“They might be withdrawn from him.” Manny responded.


“I think we need to tighten up. It’s too early.”

“Stay put, watch the children. Jay is in his room. Janet is with her mother. I’ve got to check up on him at the House. I’ll copy you.” I told Manny as I sped out of the building.

I showed the men at the gate my passé and they allowed me in but I did not go into the House so I enquired from one of the journalist attached there if all was well but she broke the news that the expected has happened.

The security details of Hon Dickson had been withdrawn and there was pandemonium inside the House.

I quickly hooked up with Manny through my receiver. “Manny do you copy? Be alert! I repeat, be alert! Mr Dickson’s details have been withdrawn but I can sight him right now, he’s safe. Roger that? Over!”

“Copy that!” Manny returned.

Immediately I dropped the receiver, I saw Honourable Dickson who had stormed out of the House angrily. Some of his party men tried to calm him down as reporters launched the scene running back and forth, not knowing which scene to cover; whether the laments of Mr Adi or the ongoing fight between members of the Mirror party and the Grand Diplomatic Party where Mr Adi belonged.

…to be continued!