APC Crisis: Victor Udofia Faults Suspension of 17 Caretaker Chairmen, 2 others from Party

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APC Crisis: Victor Udofia Faults Suspension of 17 Caretaker Chairmen, 2 others from Party

…Says it is unconstitutional and unfair

Priscilla Christopher

A member of the State caucus of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Akwa Ibom State, Rt. Hon. Victor Udofia has faulted the recent suspension of 17 Local Government Caretaker Chairmen and 2 others from the Party.

The former member representing Ikono State Constituency expressed his disapproval of the suspension in Uyo while fielding questions from journalists recently.

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Describing the suspension as unconstitutional, baseless and without facts, the APC Stakeholder wondered where the Ita Udosen leadership of the Party got the justification to suspend the persons involved, and adjudged that it was unfair for the APC to take such decision without giving the affected persons a fair hearing.

“It is wrong because there was no adequate process. What do they mean by inter-party activities? They have to prove that they were indeed engaged in interparty affairs. When a person is arraigned in court, you cannot call him a suspect until the court proofs that he is a suspect; you call him an accused. So, until he’s found guilty, he remains an accused. So, if they say they were suspended over interparty affairs, why didn’t they state evidences and proofs to buttress the allegation? And if it is the truth, why say it after the acclaimed congress? Why didn’t they say it before the acclaimed congress? he wondered.

“They claimed to have suspended them but have no facts or evidences to nail the guys. Secondly, we do things by law. Where did they derive their strength from? In the constitution of Nigeria, there is nothing like Caretaker Chairman. It’s just an arrangement so you don’t allocate powers which you do not have” he stated with displeasure.

Responding to questions bothering on divided loyalties in the Party, the former Chairman, House Committee on Security, Youth and Sports noted that he had no business with any of the Party divisions.

“I belong to the camp of the genuine APC and the camp of President Buhari; and for the fact that the President is the leader of the party, all of us must be loyal to him including Sen. Udoedeghe, Sen. Akpabio and Sen. Ita Enang. We need to sheath our swords, be guided by principles and judge our conscience. Minority might not have their ways but they will have their say”, he cautioned.

In a related development, the Rt. Hon Victor Udofia has criticized the make-up of the newly inaugurated Maintain Peace Movement (MPM), describing it as a right thing, done the wrong way.

The former parliamentarian based his criticism on grounds that the selection process was highly politicized.

“They are doing the right thing on the wrong platform. It was a PDP issue. What they would have done would have been to make it an all-inclusive affair. The APC, Labour Party, PDP, should have been involved. There are Commissioners in Lagos State that are not APC and same in Rivers State who are not from PDP. I expect the State government to adopt that approach because when you become Governor, you become Governor of the people not Governor of a Party, and that applies to being the President of a country. The Party is just a vehicle that brought you in so, MPM is a right thing but the issue is that it is wrong because it is not all-inclusive”, he expressed.