Aniekan Uko

Aniekan Uko Reiterates Commitment to Constituents


…Blasts opposition for relying on federal might against seeking peoples’ support

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for the Ibesikpo Asutan State Constituency, Rt Hon. Aniekan Uko has reiterated his firm commitment to the cause of his Constituents and the state at large.

Speaking at his mop-up rally in his Ward, Ibesikpo 1 in Nung Oku on Thursday, March 7, Aniekan Uko called for his supporters’ unalloyed allegiance to the PDP, while blasting the opposition party, All Progressives Congress (APC) for not seeking the Peoples support or marketing their manifesto.

Uko also condemned the opposition’s reliance on federal might instead of requesting for the peoples’ loyalty, referring to the alleged importation of sponsored thugs from Edo State.

“Since we in PDP started our campaigns, touring every part of this state, we have never for one day passed the party, All Progressives Congress campaigning for support; they have not done anything. All they do is to bring in thugs from everywhere to maim our people on Saturday but I want to tell them that Federal might will meet with the people’s might this Saturday”, he said.

“Also, we have heard of the thugs brought in from Edo to disrupt our elections. On this, I am calling on our youths ‘don’t be intimidated’. When you see a strange face at your polling unit, ask questions, let him show you his or her voter’s card if not so, raise an alarm, he is trying to kill you. This is because we have heard of their plot to destroy us and I am raising an alarm now”, he added.

“I am calling on the Commissioner of Police in this state, the Brigadier General commanding this zone and the DSS else, we will resort to self-help, to defend our votes which we have worked for and we will not accept any form of intimidation. I am sending this signal now because we need protection and security for the common civilian which is the duty of the security agencies and will not allow anybody to disrupt our election. If we do not get any help from them, then we will have no other option than to resort to self-help. Therefore, wherever you have been brought from, we will resist every of your attempts”, he maintained.

Meanwhile, the second term-seeking House of Assembly hopeful has also solicited support for his party’s gubernatorial counterpart, Governor Udom Emmanuel.

According to him, “Akwa Ibom people have seen what Gov. Udom Emmanuel has done and they believe in his leadership and want him to continue till 2023 therefore, I am calling on you all to vote him come March 9”.

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