Akwa ibom map stakeholders

Akwa Ibom Stakeholders Speak on Election Outcome


A group of elders and stakeholders in Akwa Ibom State have aired their views on the just concluded elections.

Speaking to newsmen on Tuesday, March 19, the elders called to remembrance the “the tension and palpable fear that had filled our otherwise peaceful and serene State; the promise of Armageddon; of Warsaw saw war, the importation of thugs from Benin, Edo State to inflict violence on our people and cause the election to be cancelled or rendered inconclusive” and “the audio recordings of the governorship candidate of the APC negotiating with the merchants of death and violence and agreeing on the price needed  to execute his evil designs, demanding to know if those purveyors of deaths would operate as  “investors or Contractors” as if the lives of Akwa Ibom person are so cheap as to be reduced or negotiated away in Naira and Kobo”.

“You are all familiar with the much-touted deployment of Federal Might and that the elections would end in merely three hours”, they recalled.

“This manufactured tension was aimed at causing major voters’ apathy and apprehension, the strategic imperative being to create a chill in the air and therefore, cause our people to stay at home. But you – our dear people refused to be cowed or intimated by their evil and devious machinations and plots; you refused to give in to intimidations…you rose like meteors and voted for peace, security, good governance, the future of your children…you rose and formed an electoral human shield and dared the so-called Federal Might to break your will. In the end, the much touted Federal Might wilted and buckled under the People’s Might, God showed up and proved that ONLY HE ALONE determines who gets power and who doesn’t”.

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They noted that the governorship election in the state was peaceful and successful, adding that it was a prove that Ibom people voted for freedom and “an end of a single individual who had previously arrogated unto himself the sole repository of political power, knowledge and strength”.

“We have read the laughable assertion by the APC that its governorship candidate “won” in 26 local governments of the State. May we ask if such victories were conjured in their dreams, because the reality is that Akwa Ibom State is PDP and PDP is Akwa Ibom State! “, they said.

 “While we campaigned from unit to wards, to local government areas and the entire nooks and crannies of the State, selling our Candidate, his superlative achievements, the peace and security we are enjoying and persuading the people not to return to the dreadful days of insecurity, politically motivated assassinations, kidnappings and the carnage of the past , and the people listened, the other side relied more on the famed “Federal Might” and the force or instruments of violence as the only means for them to win the elections”, they added.

They quoted Godwin Noah’s analysis of why the APC failed the election thus: “I knew it would be easier for  the head of an elephant  to pass through the eye of the needle than for our party to win the elections of the 9th of March, 2019 when we lost 29 local governments areas to PDP during the Presidential and National Assembly elections. Where did we expect to manufacture votes from?” “Also we don’t need the services of a clairvoyant to know that most, if not all our candidates were not prepared for the elections. Some were mere pretenders than contenders.”

The Stakeholders stressed that the “people of Akwa Ibom State spoke through their votes on March 9, 2019 and unanimously made their choice known on whom they felt best represents their values, hopes, aspirations and future growth” and advised that such decision should be regarded.