Anietie Okon Blows Hot on Ita Enang, Buhari

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…Says Ita Enang is a Beneficiary of NDDC’s rot

…Accuses Buhari of gross incompetence

Akwa Ibom elder and pioneer National Publicity Secretary of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Anietie Okon has thrown verbal punches at President Muhammadu Buhari and his aide on Niger Delta affairs, Senator Ita Enang for gross incompetence.

Sen. Anietie Okon bore his mind on the personalities when he spoke with the Conference of Online Publishers in Akwa Ibom State (COOPA), over the weekend.

According to the Senator, the presidential aide, Ita Enang was merely acting the script of the northerners and deceiving the people of Akwa Ibom.

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“I want to openly accuse Ita Enang of doing the bidding of the Northern people”, he started.

“The Calabar/Itu Road project Ita Enang has been shouting about on radio is merely a scratch to deceive the people. There is no job that you’d point to Ita Enang that is completed. He is doing the biddings of the Northerners”, he revealed.

“Ita Enang is a born slave. He has shown an unusual spirit of slavery. Ita should tell us what has been his contributions to Akwa Ibom State”, he furthered.

Arguing further, the elder statesman posited that the rot in the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) was much to the benefit of Ita Enang, and that some of his claims regarding the allocation of oil benefits to oil producing states were untrue.

“I condemn in its entirety, his statement on 13% derivation. I fought for the 13 % Ita Enang is talking about. I kicked against 12.5% derivation because I felt skeptical about ‘12.5’ as a figure and the controversy surrounding it”, he revealed.

Expressing disappointment at the play of events in the petroleum sector, Sen. Okon described as scam, the removal of fuel subsidy and its toll on the masses.

“The entire subsidy programme in Nigeria is a scam. The entire positions in the petroleum sector, from top to bottom, are occupied by northerners. And what do we have? Failure! Not only that, we also have the Northerners in other services. The result is very clear; incapacity of the Buhari government to provide the basics of life for the citizenry.”

“Nepotism limits the country inconsiderably. We have young brilliant minds ready to serve, but they are limited because of their place of origin.”

“The President is the Minister of petroleum and up until today, there is no refinery in Nigeria. Is it not a shame?” The Minister of petroleum is the president. And he must be held responsible for the entire mismanagement in the petroleum sector.”

The President came through false promises and he does not have the capacity to manage Nigeria. Removal of fuel subsidy is a scam”, he maintained.