African Church in Fresh Crisis over Diocesan Election

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Aggrieved Members Head to Court

Aggrieved members of the African Church are on their way to Court following the outcome of the just-concluded Uyo Diocese election.

Speaking to this reporter after the election, one of the aggrieved Church member, Elder Simon, from Christ the King Archdeaconry stated some members of the church were not pleased that certain provisions of the Church’s constitution were not followed in the conduct of the elections.

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“The constitution is Section 3, Paragraph 2, states that election should be done by secret balloting. This was however not followed rather, what happened was a voiced vote. The Bishop called for a voiced vote instead”, he explained.

The Elder argued that even if no other challenger had arisen to contest against the candidates, the provisions of the constitution should have been followed to the latter.

Another reason raised by the aggrieved members of the Church was that certain positions open for the election required people who are professionals in the field.

“The office of the Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Publicity Secretary and Legal Advisers for instance are positions requiring core professional competence whereas, those who filled that position do not have the professional prerequisite”, another member noted.

While positing that this development will result in financial indiscipline, unprofessionalism and maladministration, the aggrieved members vowed to go to Court if their stance is not considered by the Church leadership.

“We are taking this move to ensure that the things of God and the Church is protected and preserved from being destroyed by people of double standards and mind”, another Elder remarked.

They however commended the Diocesan Bishop for his ingenuity, transparency and unbiases in the just-concluded election, while calling for consideration on their arguments.